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Lunchtime masterpiece

Okay so maybe masterpiece is going too far, but here’s a little tidbits to get you through the rest of your Thursdays.

Joystiq.com has a Madden 09 preview and aparently the demo is now available via Xbox Live. I will be checking that out immediately tonight and will have a full report later today. For now, enjoy someone (i.e. a better blogger) else’s preview. I was always into Madden but never as much as others, although I think this year I might have to take a plunge again, even though the last time I played through an entire franchise (NY Football giants, 12 time superbowl champs) was in 2006.

However, I have played every FIFA out there for the better part of a decade, with every installment a marked improvement on the last one. You only have to look at the difference between Fifa 07 and Fifa 08 for 360 to see how far they can come in one year. This next installment seems to continue the trend, with EA listening to a lot of the user comments out there and they are trying to improvement AI reaction time, on-the-fly tactics, and a Be-A-Pro single player campaign mode that I know will dominate my time, for a while. They experimented with this in the UEFA Euro game, and it worked to some extent. That was more of a multiplayer mode and heres hoping that the Fifa version works by yourself. I’m nervous about my fall gaming schedule, as Fifa and Fallout come out on the same day. Needless to say, if you are looking for me in November, you will most likely find me parked in front of my TV for the entire month lapping up the goodness.

Thats it for now…look this weekend for some more detailed previews and reviews. I promise I’ll have them for you at some point…

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Where’d the blahg go?

Don’t worry pholks, I’m still alive…barely. After a dominating weekend in NYC and and then a touch of a cold here in Boston, I haven’t had time to game even, let alone post about any games.

I did play a bunch of Bioshock the other night, that game is creepy. The story line is exactly what I would dream about being able to think up, and the visuals are absolutely fabulous. It’s obviously a little cheesy and very very preachy, but I haven’t played through enough to see any of the twists and turns I’m sure the story line will throw at me, if I ever have time to play.

Check out Chris Bowen’s blog here. Chris works for Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist (whatever that means) and I met him at a TechCocktail event in boston last week. He is a member of a Boston game developer group that meets once a month in boston and focuses’ on XNA, microsofts development language. They recently released a starter pack for making your own RPGs, which might be a fun thing to play around with. If i ever get a game together, you know where I’ll post it.

That’s it for now, I’ll have some real content for you later…maybe.

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Another quickie

Just a another tidbit today, its busy here and I am not working tomorrow so a lot of loose ends to tie up…

Stumbled upon this today in my general web cruising (work related, sort of) and its defiantely my two worlds colliding. I’m not sure if I’m ripping this off of 3 other blogs or what but the important thing is that it’s a pretty sweet interview with one of the OG’s at EA He recently left EA to go to Kleiner Perkins (Big Swinging Dick of the Private Equity/VC world) and shares some cool insights in the future of gaming and what led to his decision. Basically, he’s my idol.

More tomorrow as I have some free time in the morning with my day off…

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why hello there, fancy running into you here…

quick tidbit today as its a busy one for me, but thanks Ryan for this article/interview from wired. pretty cool idea that microsoft is trying out. maybe you’ll see one of my games up there someday…thats all for now kiddies.

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Gooooood afternooon,

Not much going on over in The Nest, just wanted a quick post before headin on the bus. Fingers crossed for the gamefly games when I get there. Wanted to throw this out there: Dark Knight: Deal Breaker Basically an interesting article from a business mag mostly about Bruce Wayne, not Batman. An interesting premise and a definate different look at pretty familar characters, I don’t know how much real relevance this has to the film. Minor spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the flick I wouldn’t bother, yet. Did I mention DK was AWESOME? Can we call it DK? I’m going to, try to stop me.

In Gaming related news (whoa, this blog is about gaming?) we have some games coming out this week, but the pickings are slim at best. Looks like the only one worth playing this week is Final Fantasy IV on Nintendo DS, so needless to say, I will probably miss it. Check out Gamespots weekly releases here

Also released on Tuesday are DVDs, and a quick look at JoBlo’s release calendar there really isn’t much to get excited about there either. Oh well. We all know July is slow. I guess I should spend more time at the beach or outdoors…nah. See you all in the A.M.

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Lunch and Flies…GameFlys

Hope your morning was as fantastical as mine was. The piles are a little smaller, but still endless.

So I signed up for GameFly this past weekend to give myself a chance to play some more games and write about them. I signed up for it on Sat. and am still waiting for my first games, which happen to be Ninja Gaiden II and BioShock. I played the demos of both of these games and had a lot of fun, but did not want to spend the $60 on either. Enter gamefly. But the real question is, what sort of effect is this rental service (unlimited timeframe, two at time; think Netflix but for games) going to have on the market and business of games? At a time when small developers are struggling and massive studios are merging, with marketing pressure to produce flashy, low-content high glitzy appeal (see any movie based video game in the last 4-5 years,) and a general lack of creativity from a lot of the big players (Diablo III? looks like Diablo II, just sayin…) I have a general fear for the state of the gaming industry. Now, does a service like GameFly help or hurt the current marketplace for games? I’m split. On one hand, I love the consumer ability to rent a game, play it as long as they like, and then return it. It allows gamers to experience something they would have normally passed on to give it a whirl, and if the replayability aspect is there, they may even purchase it after a while. But in thinking about it, would I have caved and eventually bought BioShock (when it was an Xbox classic and $30 cheaper?) I’ll never know, because now I get to have my taste and then exchange it for something better that I wouldn’t have bought, say…Soul Caliber IV? Is the industry losing out on the Well, this game has been out for 9 months, but I really wanted to play it…oh look, its only 20 bucks, why the fuck not? Instead, I play it for three weeks, send it back, and Gamefly gets all my hard earned dollars- a pretty reasonable 22 bucks a month, which means if I only get two games for 6 months, I still save money. It’s good for the gamer sure, if they play enough. It’s good for the industry maybe, because it gets more people playing. I suppose only time will tell.

That mini-rant was brought to you by XXX Vitaman water (yes, im trying to drum up google searches by throwing a XXX in there. You just wait, I bet it works…)

Have a good rest of your dayz out there you merry working men and women of the intrawebs. I’ll hit you up again soon.

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Hi buddies and pals and readers and breeders

Hope everyone had a productive and fun monday and is gearing up for another spectaculer Tuesday. Ah who am I kidding its rainy and grey and I have a boat load of work to do so a quick little update to get us all started here this morning. Office Fans will be happy to see this coming through the pipeline. I’m skeptical but nevertheless will add that to the DVR queue, because, well, Hall High Graduate Michael Shur and the rest of the Office team are probably the funniest writing group on television (not including the Black/Showalter combo of the defunct MTV’s the State.)

As you all know, I am huge Fallout fan (preview still pending, trust) and here’s a nice little interview with the creaters of Oblivion.

Thats all for the morning, I have a lot to do today so I’ll try to get you something about lunchtime. Until then…

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Ok no beer, I am at work afterall. But instead of beer, how bout a small dose of gaming? I thought you’d like that.

Hope you had a chance to check out the E3 site posted before – but let me get one thing straight. E3 is no longer the debaucherous, intense, cutthroat bonanza it used to be. Now, its subdued, with no real buzz being generated, in fact, I think I recognized every game being displayed. That should NEVER happen. There may have been a few that slipped through the cracks, but it’s nothing like the barrage of E3 goodness we were used. Oh, and in the early 90’s when it was really picking up steam in Vegas, it was paired with the porn convention.  Talk about cutting back on transportation costs…

Check this from Will Wright’s newest enterprise, which, if his track record says anything, could change the gaming industry. Get a free trial of the creator here and take a look around the official site since the NPR interview really didn’t give you too good a look at the ACTUAL game.

Now what I don’t understand is this preview from Gamespot. I think I would rather Microsoft work on fixing the bugs in Xbox live, create more downloadable content, and pump out some new games, since well, Microsoft studio really has slacked lately. I was in Gamefly Queue the other day and there just isn’t that much to get excited about until October. Granted, Soul Caliber IV could be great (and comes out tomorrow,) I’m itching for more, especially as PS3 only title Metal Gear Solid 4 is tearing it up right now. Only time will tell how the fall-early winter releases look, but as of right now there isn’t much new to be excited about for the remainder of the summer.

Til the evening pholks…

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Case of the mondays

Morning phanz,

Fallout 3 preview postponed because I went to see Dark Knight on Sat. and stopped working on it. Then ignored it for the rest of the weekend…looks like you will have to wait for it, but don’t worry, it will be worth the wait.

I wanted to embed some videos from E3 but I can’t figure it out yet…stay tuned. For now check this video of the new Guitar Hero here. Also this should be pretty cool. I’ll be pretty excited to play Purple Haze, and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to download the now legendary Star Spangled Banner from Woodstock.
Official E3 Site.

More to come around lunchtime…

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Hello there.


My name is Bird, and this is my blog. There are probably 75,000 blogs about video games out there, so why another one? Well frankly, I don’t care if anyone reads this. As a financial analyst with dreams of one day breaking into the industry, this is a personal project of mine to keep tabs on my future. And to kill those long afternoons at work when financial statements just don’t do it for me. So, officially, welcome to the Bird’s Nest, your home for video game news, fun tidbits about movies and music, and mostly, the Bird ramblings that the general public will come to love.


So the real question is…why aren’t you playing a video game right now? There are literally hundreds or thousands of games I’d rather be playing right now then sitting in my cubicle (read: ANY game) but that isn’t the point. Stay tuned, it will be worth your time.


To be Continued…

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