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Lunchtime masterpiece

Okay so maybe masterpiece is going too far, but here’s a little tidbits to get you through the rest of your Thursdays.

Joystiq.com has a Madden 09 preview and aparently the demo is now available via Xbox Live. I will be checking that out immediately tonight and will have a full report later today. For now, enjoy someone (i.e. a better blogger) else’s preview. I was always into Madden but never as much as others, although I think this year I might have to take a plunge again, even though the last time I played through an entire franchise (NY Football giants, 12 time superbowl champs) was in 2006.

However, I have played every FIFA out there for the better part of a decade, with every installment a marked improvement on the last one. You only have to look at the difference between Fifa 07 and Fifa 08 for 360 to see how far they can come in one year. This next installment seems to continue the trend, with EA listening to a lot of the user comments out there and they are trying to improvement AI reaction time, on-the-fly tactics, and a Be-A-Pro single player campaign mode that I know will dominate my time, for a while. They experimented with this in the UEFA Euro game, and it worked to some extent. That was more of a multiplayer mode and heres hoping that the Fifa version works by yourself. I’m nervous about my fall gaming schedule, as Fifa and Fallout come out on the same day. Needless to say, if you are looking for me in November, you will most likely find me parked in front of my TV for the entire month lapping up the goodness.

Thats it for now…look this weekend for some more detailed previews and reviews. I promise I’ll have them for you at some point…


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