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My apologies, I truly didn’t mean to forget about the Bird Nest. Things are busy-ish at work and I just haven’t felt like writing anything recently. Maybe its the doldrums of summer video game release, and not being a Madden phanboy I couldn’t get that deep behind it. Either way, I can only stumble so much without feeling nostalgic about the Bird Nest (which the Chinese blatantly stole for their 90,000 seat stadium…still waiting for some royalties on that one…) so i figured it’s time for a post or two. Regarding Madden, I respect the game, the people who obsess over it, and what it’s done for sports gaming. I mean, when I can go onto ESPN.com and see every Madden rating it makes me a little happy that ESPN is bearing the Madden torch. What can I say, ESPN is great for what it is, but I never went there first to scope out the newest EA dealios. Granted, the dominance of Madden in pop-culture in regards to Gamers almost rivals World of Warcraft, and I’m not sure I want either one representing the industry. Nature of the beasts, I guess.

Madden aside, I think this Fall is going to have some epic titles to look forward to. The new Tiger Woods (09) looks beautiful in HD, as expected. The gameplay hasn’t changed from 07 as far as I could tell from the demo but there is a more standard three click system (classic timing scheme) for those that are analog stick challenged. Needless to say, its more forgiving then say, the pitching system from MLB2k8 but thats a rant for another day.

I obviously look forward to FIFA 09 and Fallout, as I’ve mentioned countless times. I won’t talk about them now; although I am hoping that FIFA fixes all the niggly issues but leaves the core essentially the same. I want to rescind an earlier statement. That is, that there is nothing to get excited coming out now. Not true. I’ve been vaguely interested in Too Human which was released today. I want to check it out, but will most likely wait until Gamefly catches up with me. See you later Mario Galaxy – I’m still waiting to try Beijing 2008 to satisfy my soft spot for anything that reminds me of the track pad with Nintendo, even if all “athletic” games since then have just been button mashers. Back on topic, Too Human looks fantastic and could be fairly promising. Played as Bauldur, a Norse god in what seems eerily (and awesomely) similar to the PS2-only masterpiece, God of War, take on evil force for the sake of mankind. Cooler still, Too Human is the first of three, so this very well might be the start of something beautiful if it hooks me. At the very least, its something to fill the space between Fifa matches while waiting for Fallout.

Last thing about Fallout, I read a 5 page in depth preview in PC gamer the other day. Wasn’t that mind-altering, but I’ll look for it anyways and try to get it up here for you. They got a chance to do a number of quests and it was an interesting read. Still just a tease though, but the release date is so close I can feel it. Until then…

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since the only people who read this are my friends anyway, does anyone want to go to radiohead on wednesday? seriously? ive got like 3 extra tickets. i just want to get rid of them or ideally find cool people to go with. sigh. fake plastic trees.

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quick little thing for you guys, its not gaming related but i cant help myself, it pissed me off a little to think an article like this even needs to exist. That’s all, see you later.

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Quick mutant flavor

As you all know, I have been drooling over Fallout 3 for the last ten years (2 of actual production) and as we get closer and closer to the release date (could be as soon as October, some reports say…almost everywhere puts it at Q4 at least) there are more and more oppurtunities to get a good look at it. While I haven’t totally abandoned the idea of writing my own preview, I figure’d I’d give you a chance to read someone who actually got their hands on it. Thanks to Tom for this preview. It gave some good insight, particularly in regards to towns, NPCs, Fire ants, and the often criticized VATS vs. Real-time combat issue.

Thats all for now. Take care intrawebbers.

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Well, another Friday accounted for and everyone is crusing along. Not much to report but I felt obligated to say goodbye for the day. I played the Madden and Facebreaker demos last night, both were pretty impressive. I had a great time reliving the game winning TD pass (Eli steps, has Plax open in the end zone…TOUCHDOWN!!! GIANTS LEAD SUPERBOWL XLII 17-14!!!!) and Madden’s got a pretty cool feature where they test you when you first start the game and then adjust the difficulty settings as you play.
I think it’s pretty cool and fun mini-game/trainer feature. The game itself is just as confusing as ever (there are maybe 45,000 presnap options) but with practice it seems managable.

Facebreaker was fun but I got my ass kicked by a smoking hot virtua-chick. Not the first time that’s happened…

Lastly, check out this Bloomberg report about Jim Brown suing Madden for using his likeness. Lighten up man, you are being honored on Madden as part of the All-Brown’s team. I just think its a shame. How many times have I created myself in video games only to have my character cut just as fast as I would be in real life? These egotistical athletes need to realize their core fans are the ones playing these games and want to use them, digitally. Deseperately. How long did it take MJ to make it into an NBA game? I still don’t think his actual likeness is allowed, they cheat and get around it, like Madden did in this case. And now they are getting sued. It’s a damn shame.

Have a good weekend brohams and brohamimes.

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Happy Phriday everyone…quick little post to get us all started today. Jerry Garcia would be 66 today, so celebrate downtown if you are so inclined. If you don’t feel like the Hard Rock, I’m sure you will celebrate him in your own way, I trust you.

If you live in CT and want a hands-on experience in the Gaming community, check out Connecticon in Hartford. I went to this years ago when it was in an assembly hall of University of Hartford, now it is in the big convention center downtown and while I don’t think its reached the level of Comicon in San Diego, it certainly seems to have grown in leaps and bounds since I kept a friend company at his webcomic table. Congratulations.

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So it’s 2am and I’m about to go to bed but I wanted to post this fun little article about hacking your xbox. I don’t think I’d ever risk it, but its an interesting read nonetheless.

Last note, I’m going to need an iPhone…stat. Some of the games you can play seem absurd. G’night phriends.

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Bye Manny, I’ll miss you…

So I know it’s not gaming related but I needed to just say goodbye to Manny Ramirez. And this is my blog. So I get to do that. Bye Manny, I enjoyed rooting for you. Good Luck in L.A. and everyone knows I’ll be rooting for you there.

Alright then…since I’m here I might as well give you some goodness. This is just too ridiculous not to post – Japan comes up with some crazy crazy games. Would you play this? Some out there think it’s kind of hot. I’m not sure, but I think I would strap on and play this at Best Buy.

Wanna Float On? How about pretending you are David Byrne? Well check out Rock Band 2’s Setlist There’s some good stuff on here, and check the note at the bottom about them being all master recordings. I was actually checking out the songs recently released on XBL for it and there are some good stuff on there, Harmonix finally getting that Who album they’ve been promising since the beginning of it all might actually convince me to buy some more xbox points. Granted, I know the debate about downloadable content is a heated one, but I just can’t get too excited about the whole thing. The Man has been trying to squeeze money out of gamers for years and it’s not going to stop. Either pay the money or don’t, shit complain if you want but it’s not going to make a difference. That’s all I have to say about that.

So I linked a sweet flash demo of Smash Brothers (it actually was a kinda lame mashfest) and now its done, so I edited to bring you this fantastic video stumbled on YouTube…I remember doing some absurd things in the old Rollercoaster Tycoon but this makes me want to give that series another go…is that as sick and twisted as I think it is? Oh well, check it out:

So the last thing before I have to get on with some Fifa (obviously…) since Bioshock and Ninja Gaiden just didn’t pass the Fifa test. Needless to say, the last game that made me want to play it more then Fifa was GTA IV but then The Great Autosave disaster of June happened and I haven’t really played it since. That’s not the point of this paragraph, this is. That’s the leaked setlist for Guitar Hero World Tour. Who knows if its accurate but peak the intrawebs in the intro. Also from AOL video is another option, for those who don’t like reading.

Ok enough for tonight, I’m hungry, and there are cups to be won…see you on Friday…

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