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soo..I’m sorry

well, its been too long. I feel guilty, I didn’t mean to stop blogging, really I swear, I just haven’t been excited about video games lately. Well that’s not true, I play games everyday. I almost went and played Madden 09 (I’ve drank the kool-aid, its a lot of fun) instead of writing this post. But fear not loyal (and dwindling) fanbase, I’m baaack. Hopefully this time for good. Basically I’m going to blame the lack of updates on lack of anything too exciting going on in video games. It’s that calm before the storm as they say, with scores of new games on the horizon. We’ll get to those in the next month or so, but tonight, I want to delve into the history of my gaming. A certified top ten list of my history of gaming. It might be in an order, but take my order with a grain of salt. as this is a blog and I’m not putting that much thought into an arbitrary order. Most likely these will be in the order as they appear in my brain…without further ado, the Straight Talk Historical List of the Greatest Games We Can Believe in.

1. Command and Conquer: Red Alert
This was the first RTS I ever played. It introduced me to the world of resource whoring, base rushing, and Tanya. Tanya was the greatest asset in this game; sarcastic, tough as nails, could kill grunts with one shot and blow up buildings with one right click, Tanya might be my first love. Move over Lara Croft, I’ll take utter domination of Soviet Tesla Coils with a smile.

2. Exile/Avernum/Spiderweb Software
These games were the ultimate freeware, download it, play the first few chapters, and if you liked it, pay 10 bucks to unlock the rest. (I support software and won’t disclose any alternative methods for unlocking these games, but you know that already.)However, these RPGs are involved, creating a story around an exiled community living under the corrupt, Orwellian surface. The gamut of the Exile (and now, beautifully rendered in Iso-3D Avernum). The community below has its own monsters, dungeons, vampires, and all sorts of baddies for your four person party to take on. I spent HOURS on this game, clicking away with the most simple interface and no full action video. This was before games could rely on flashy graphics and hefty licenses. Instead, Spiderweb games have intriguing and engrossing storylines, addicting gameplay, and simple yet effective and creative graphics. Try it out, they don’t require absurd computers to run and are free.

3. Diablo I & II
I shouldn’t have to say much about this game – it simply rocked. It defined a genre, spawning countless clones of the dungeon cleaning clickfests. It was fun, addicting, and Battle.net was ahead of its time. The underground items trading and cloning (thanks to a glitch in Diablo 1) was the precursor to gold farming in WoW, and the Platemail of the Whale was an epic pickup. It was the reason I got broadband internet and I’ve never been the same since.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
I originally got a demo of this game with my subscription to PC Gamer. I played the demo level atleast 45 times before convincing my dad to get it for me on buy.com. I borrowed the book from the library and vowed to read it before the game came. It came, but for some reason my dad put it in his closet and refused to give it to me. I think it was that I hadn’t done homework in over 2 months, but I digress. I carefully opened the package one day when no one was home, replaced the disc and tape, installed that sucker and was on my way. I regret the lying to my father and the sneaking around, but the game was 100% amazing, A major aspect was the mission planning, you could set way points and action codes for up to four teams of AI soldiers. You could jump into any vantage point and strategic move at any time…snipe the outdoor guards with the gold team and then breach the door with the shotgun wielding blue squad, while the red assault team lays cover fire. Just an incredible strategic FPS.

5. Star Wars: Tie Fighter
This game stole too much of my life and made me fight for the bad guys. Anyone who has ever seen any RPG character I ever played knows I always drift to the light side…Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls game, I always “do the right thing.” Imagine how hard it is to play a game where missions included disabling the Millennium Falcon and protecting the newest Empire deathtrap. But something about patrolling space for the evil empire, chasing down smugglers and attacking rebel cruisers was just plain fun. The engine was revolutionary (and caused me to buy my first and only joystick) and I don;t think any flight sim will ever grab me like this did.

So that’s it for part 1 of the top ten, its late, and I want to do some more thinking about the other five. These were the appetizers, my PC addictions. Games that shaped me as a gamer, that sucked up more time then English assignments in high school, and that probably was the reason I never kept a girlfriend. The next five will be more modern, next-gen and college years. More console games…maybe one that involved a long walk down a longer hallway. We’ll just have to wait and see. Goodnight phans, and don’t forget, the republican party is evil.

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