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So after playing some epic battles of Fifa tonight, and with the promise of going back to CT to play more, I have decided to scour (google/youtube) the internet to find you some cool hints for fifa. Well, actually, here’s a video showing you how to do the various celebrations:

Check out a text doc here

Lastly, heres a video with some sweet moves. Check out YouTube for more, as usual.

That’s it for now, 3 cheers for a short day tomorrow and then mmmm…turkey.

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Take that ps3! Xbox and Windows users are getting treated to a slew of Fallout add-ons available in early 2009. Included is the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K, haha!) and three new chapters for Xbox and Windows. Official Press release here. The editor is, understandably, only available for PC users, but the extra chapters seem to be for both Xbox and Windows. So…PS3 users can suck it (although this tease from the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal is pretty encouraging for PS3 owners, more on this in a hot second.) Back to Fallout; this gives me a pretty short deadline for finishing the game, which is increasingly more difficult with a broken Xbox (finally sent that for repairs today…) but it also makes me wish I bought it for the PC and I might have to give that a whirl. Being able to mod Fallout is a mix between a wetdream and a dream job, so I’ll definately check that out when it happens and let you know whats good.

For my PS3 phanboyz, I have a little scoop regarding God of War 3 (!!!!) I might just go out and buy the system for this game (and resistance 2, but shhh). If you clicked on David Jaffe’s blog before, you see its littered with F-bombs and a ton of other crap, although his points are great and you have to have utter respect for the man. To read a more approiate post about this, I will of course redirect you back to Loot-Ninja or Tawkn (new discovery, will report back on this guy later For now, I’m going to dust off the old PS2 and get to smiting deities.

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100 large for Halo Winners


Who says you can’t make a living playing video games? Ok, so maybe out of the millions of gamers out there, the top 4 Halo teams (of four people) can make a living playing halo. Str8 Rippin won the 2008 MLG World Championship for Halo 3 this past weekend, and recieved a cool 100,000 for their troubles. Thanks to Loot-Ninja (obviously) for the scoop. I really like this site, but I’m always one or two steps behind it and its annoying to be second fiddle, but I’ll give credit where its due. Kudos Loot-Ninja, you are an inspiration. Either way, congratulations to the 16 dude-bros who took down the cash prizes in Vegas this weekend, I am uber-jealous.

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slight improvements

quick update on some slight changes…fixed the timestamp so its not 5 hours ahead, for all those who thought i did all my blogging in the middle of the night, I was actually just timestamping everything as if I lived in England. Oops. Also fixed the comments so you no longer have to register with wordpress to comment…so…get commentating. Also if anyone wants to write an entry, either let me know IRL or leave a comment and I will get back to you, I’ve got some planz for this blahg that should get the juices flowing for all involved…until then, congrats on getting through this strange monday and I’ll see all the gentledudes and schweet ladiez later.

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Happy Monday and I hope you are gearing up for a great Thanksgiving…I think there will be 5 turkeys at my celebration this year, my intestines are quivering in nervous anticipation.

Got some disturbing news about the US Army earmarking $50 million for game developement. This is a double-edged sword, in my opinion. On one hand, its great to get more funding for developing come cutting-edge shooters, and you can assume that anything coming from the US government should be pretty authentic. But I played America’s Army before we invaded Iraq and it really was a thinly veiled interactive recruiting video. My main beef with AA was not the poor multiplayer gameplay (especially dated when compared with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) or the annoying training missions, it was how glorious the game made the army look. From the beginnings of Boot Camp to the Ranger School expansion, America’s Army even got me to think “hey, this wouldn’t be so bad.” Of course a few months later the bombs starting falling on Bagdad and I couldn’t trust anything coming from our government. Call me a little paranoid (its true) but I’d rather spend the 60 bucks, get a quality shooter, and pretend that I’m not being recruited on purpose.

Venture Beat has a scoop about a THQ’s new deal with Microsoft’s in game ad network, Massive. What I didn’t realize was that President-Elect Obama purchased in game advertising for EA’s Burnout, which I think is pretty cool and forward thinking for one of the most succesful and well-run campaigns of all time, in my personal opinion. But even that gets to me a little. I realize some of the bigger publishers are struggling and need more revenue streams, but the consumer in me feels that if I’m paying 60 bucks for a game, I don’t want to be bombarded with commercials. Especially subliminal ones, because if I all of a sudden get a craving for hot pockets after a four hour session, I’m going to blame Marcus. I’m torn though, because I want to see the industry succeed, but I think rather then looking for a few extra bucks profit per game, spend some of the marketing money on improving developement to release some more genuine inventive titles, rather then recycling the same war games (COD: World at War) or the same “save the world from unspeakable evil/aliens/mutants (Gears of War, Halo, Resistance.) Alas, this seems to be an unstoppable force, so just keep your eye out for it and don’t buy Bawls just cause the Man tells you too, but it because its delicious.

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Wii Games suck…Suprised?

Happy Saturday everyone. Woke up to this little story about how quickly Wii games are ending up in the discount bins. I like how they call it price protection. Thats a business word for “crap we can’t see this piece of shit, sell it for 10 bucks and see what happens.” However, I’m sure once these games drop to the bargain bins people might actually buy them. Thats just terrible. Almost as bad as how my internet just slowed to a crawl and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to post any more then this. So I apologize for linking one crappy article about a bunch of crappy games.

Have a good weekend, I’ll check in later if I can fix the internet.

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Well, today seems to be a pretty slow newsday…I could rehash some of the stuff from yesterday but I won’t. Instead, I’m linking you to my Boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s Vineyard. Why am I linking here? Well, for all my complaining about my job, the frindge benefits can be pretty cool. Specifically, in about 90 minutes I will be enjoying a wine tasting of this vintage produced by none other then our fearless founder and past consultant of the year winner, Jim Bailey. The story goes as this: A few years ago he used our massive profit margins to buy a vineyard in Sonoma, and today he is testing out the first wine produced on his fearless employees. Or he is rewarding us for a long summer with a little wine party before thanksgiving. It depends on how cynical you want to be. Regardless, I know very little about wine but will be pretending to be well versed pretty soon. At 4pm my only responsiblity is deciding between Red and White. Sweet.

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Good morning my friends,

I have quick couple of things for you today. One: TechCrunch broke this story about BringIt, a very web2.0 site combining gaming and gambling. Seems to make sense…I love video games, I love gambling, what’s not to love about this? Devin over at TechCrunch makes a good point though; the obvious concern is with cheating/bots/exploitation…etc… Granted the site integrates feeback about its users and you can do some vetting before playing, but it might be hard to convince casual gamers they aren’t getting bamboozled by some savvy and jaded geekvet. I’m taking a wait and see approach before making any sort of deposit. And who knows what sort of legal issue this raises in the U.S, with online gambling pretty much banned. Will the new legislation crack down, or will there but a rush of gambling gamers galavanting gloriously? (sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Another cool idea that lacks traction is GameWager. The site is pretty much all flash and no function and is currently in beta mode, with no real prizes, but the idea is that you play Team Fortress or Counterstrike and earn credits which can be used to purchase raffle tickets. I’m not sure I like this either, but it does have the groundwork for stat tracking (if you play on enabled servers.) Again, I’m just not sure gamers are going to really pick this up, either. Too many sites out there, and again I’m blatantly stealing from TechCrunch but the writer makes a valid point; integrate these features in games and you’ll get people to use them. Otherwise, think of a new revenue stream.

Speaking of revenue streams, I’m going to go read some financials about some VC firms and maybe I’ll have something good for you later today.

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So, The Celtics Beat the Pistons tonight. Killed em. It was actually kind of sloppy, but the Celtics slowly overpowered the pistons to the point where they were beating down on them so bad I don’t think the starters played the entire fourth quarter. I mean, Paul Pierce had 9 points I think and they won by 18. Sweet. GO Cs.

I don’t know why really, but I was checking out Venture Beat and saw their article about about WoW:Lich King and it made me happy and sad at the same time. For one, I was pretty pumped to see my obsession colliding with my job. It was cool to see the recognition that people can make money in video games, and I’m talking 2.8 Million in 24 hours kind of money.

I won’t really discuss how I feel about Blizzard and this cashcow of evil, suffice it to say that Venture Firms are really starting to get involved. Granted, Venture Capital funds have experience in the industry (if I was at work I could even run a query to estimate how much money, but that would be confidential information, maybe) but the idea that Partners all over California (and Boston, to some extent) are slobbing over the greatest and newest MMORPG gives me some sweet satisfaction. I just have this image of both father and son counting down the days to the next expansion set or latest and greatest geekfest; the son anxiously awaiting the hours of entertainment, and the father quietly awaiting his paycheck. It’s both great and tragic at the same time.

Enough business, I think I feel guilty about not working this afternoon and looking for stuff for this. Granted, now I’m home and still cruising around looking for stuff that may peak some interest. Well, I stumbled upon this from Loot-Ninja, which has a disturbing story about how a top guild completed all the tasks in the expansion in 4 days. They linked to the guild’s blog here (scroll down for their post.) Kudos to the guild, I guess, for destroying Blizzard and bringing up a valid point about the elite (l337?) gamerz and not getting enough for their buck. But honestly, maybe I’m just jealous I can’t play video games all day but more likely I’m shocked that they can. What sort of job do you have, sirs? And are you hiring?

Enough about WoW, I’m getting itchy thinking about it.

However, more from PC World, who is one of the earlier reporters of the next GTA chapter. Offered as Downloadable Content (DLC),it’s caled The Lost and the Damned and should be out on February 17, 2009. The story centers around a member of the Lost gang from the GTA IV and I guess that this new main character interacts with Nico. Cool! It’s like watching Mallrats and realizing that Trish the Dish is related to Dante’s girlfriend in Clerks (and Joey Lauren Adam’s character in Chasing Amy, but whatever). I’m down to get some Microsoft credits and give this a whirl, if nothing else then to support the revenue stream of DLC. Woohoo! Take that MMORPGs, console publishers know how to milk extra money out of us too! If you don’t believe me (or Google and the other 89 sites out there who broke this yesterday…uhh…) check out the official press release.

Well this post has gone…too long. It’s bedtime for this kid, maybe tomorrow I’ll break real news instead of telling you stuff that happened yesterday. Goodnight!

ps. I checked out loot-ninja, its really sweet. If you were smart you’d be reading that right now instead of this, but don’t you worry your pretty little heads off, I will be checking that bad boy out (and probably contacting them for suggestions.) OK GOOD NIGHT.

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I’m Still such a N00b

So, I was checking out the stats for the day and saw something totally amazing. I had two visits from TechCrunch and that made NO SENSE to me at all. I checked it out, and if you look at the article I linked in the last post, Bird’s sweet blahg is listed. I think its my first official linkage action, which is pretty sweet but getting this excited about it makes me a pretty big noob. Granted I’m still sitting at my desk at work waiting for a buddy of mine to get into the city so we can go to the Celtics game…thus I AM BORED. Unfortunately no real content for you other then that.

So, lets go C’s tonight, I’m rocking the KG, about to get drunk, and will hopefully be harrasing some Pistons fanz in a bit. Till tomorrow, birdkillaz…

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