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I’m jealous…all these people posting on my blog and I haven’t done anything yet. So it’s time for me to pull my weight. Okay really I just saw in my feeder another tid-bit from Loot-Ninja and I had to share. By the way, I swear I have other sources but they are my most consistent so deal with it. Anyways, check out the post about the rumblings of Gears of War 3. This was particularly interesting:

One major rumor is that it will have a 5 play co-op for the campaign, which was a huge omission from Gears 2

That’s it for now. Gonna go play some games…

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Why Hello There…

Man, the Bird’s nest keeps getting bigger. I’m Commonname (or Mike, whatever) and I’ll be joining the ranks to talk about Video Game news and MMOs, specifically, World of Warcraft, which has kind of changed gaming for me in general.  So I’ll be talking about that kind of stuff and bringing you news and the like when i get it.

I’ve been playing the game for…god, I think I tried the 10-day trial in 2005.  That summer the game was given to me as a present for surviving a car accident.  I’ve been playing off and on ever since.

So while I don’t “Raid” every weekend or “PVP hardcore,” I like to think I have a fairly strong grasp of the game and I’d be more than happy to share interesting stories, tips and tricks and my overall feelings on MMOs.  Thanks again to Dave for letting me post here!

Also, I do a thrice weekly webcomic called Eros Inc. which is about a young woman becoming a cupid and finding love for people in Los Angeles.  It’s a comedy.

Okay, no more pimping. From here on out, video games!

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I was reading a pretty interesting article from Jim Sterling which can be found here, which originally peaked my interest in Destructoid.  In it Jim talks about how the evolution of video games has made “holy shit scary” games extinct through advanced vision and maneuver ability. How many times do you remember running down a claustrophobic hallway in Resident Evil and not knowing where the monster would jump out at you from.  While I can’t exactly say from experience ( I don’t own L4Dead yet), these new games look more like Counterstrike then Resident Evil 1.  

I also suggest you browse the featured article section as they have some good posts in there.  

On to Halo Wars, I just wanted to touch on quickly.     Combining the Halo environment with a starcraft type strategy game is super awesome and I’m pumped about it.  The screenshots for this look extremely epic and get me a little excited.  Awesome battle screenshot that includes some sort of new human unit (resembling a transformer).  Does it pass the look cool test?  I say yes but you be the judge.  Another screenshot of alien base.

Cant wait for Halo noobs to get pwned by kids who grew up on Warcraft… not WoW.

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