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Hey guys, Jpark here with a quick one on a new release.  We have no content yet on the upcoming release of Ghostbusters onto multiple platforms (360, PS3 and PC) so here is some information for you proton pack lovers. The guys over at Destructoid previewed the game, the write up is here.  Probably the coolest feature about this is voiceovers from all the original ghostbusters.  Bringing the voices of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd could help publisher Atari market to casual gamers (again).  There are a few trailers for the game found at gametrailers.com.  I became more excited for this after watching the “Atari Live Trailer” latest trailer in HD.  It looks really, really, good and they did a great job designing the main characters (who will be AI in gameplay) to look realistic.  

If Atari and Terminal Reality can write a story that is engaging, this game has some serious potential.  Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and maybe even Ray Parker Jr. dropping bombs on the soundtrack (I’ve played bball with his kids!)  As long as they can figure out a way to make the gameplay challenging and unique to the Ghostbusters lore, this could be very intriguing.  

The game is set to release June 2009, keep an eye out for updates on multiplayer capabilities.

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Just a quick follow-up to a story from a few weeks ago regarding the teaser for a new Metal Gear Solid game, which we all thought might mean the franchise was coming to Xbox. Alas, I was certainly wrong, as Konami confirmed today that the next MGS will actually be released for the iPod Touch and the iPhone and will be called Metal Gear Solid Touch. Full press release text if you view the whole post.


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