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As all of you probably know by now, every gaming site and their mother is announcing their candidates for 2008 Game of the Year.  Since this is our blog you are going to get my opinions.  Unfortunately since I am just a regular guy like you, I have played a limited number of games.  I’m going to breakdown the games I’ve purchased or played to entirety in 2008, then reveal my top 3 games of the year for the 360.


Gears of War 2, Madden 2008, NBA 2K8, Fifa 2009, Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3, Ninja Guiden 2, Call of Duty 4

Without further ado here are my picks…

3)  Fifa 2009


I can not deny this game a spot in my top 3 due to the amount of time I have already put into this game.  They have made some key additions and adjustments to the prior installments and its more fun than ever.  While this is not a top title in the United States, this is the highest selling video game in Europe (other than Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training for the Nintendo DS)

This game is fun for so many reasons.  I love how they added the celebrations.  There is nothing better than running wild on the field after a dirty goal and giving a nice fist pump or chest slide.  There are a wide variety of celebrations that are extremely enjoyable.  They have made the gameplay challenging enough that there is a lot of challenging moves and tricks you can accomplish on your way to goals.  Once you have mastered the controls, dominating in Fifa09 is a high you will not experience in many other sports titles from 2008.  Fifa is way more condusive to online play than Madden or NBA 2k8.

The only downsides are that if you are inexperienced at the controls there is a learning curve you will have to overcome.  Also there are still some pesky animations that are out of your control which sometimes affect gameplay negatively.

Check out my top 360 games after the jump:


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