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All Signs Point to a Cheaper PS3

Quick little guy for you this morning since I am already behind in the day, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to go “HA! Told you!” when it comes to the PS3 pricing. Granted, nothing in confirmed and everyone and their grandmother have been predicting this for a while now, but stories like this one all point to a $300 PS3 (down from $400) in early Spring. Combine that with Sony’s first red bottom line in 14 years and we have a good chance for some price cuts in consoles in the next few months. Two years ago a Blu-Ray alone cost about that so this is going to be hard to turn down. Until later folks, time to get back to things that have nothing to do with video games…unless you count historical errors a game. Which I don’t.

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While you were busy watching the playoffs or the Man U v Chelsea match, the world kept turning.  Luckily the Bird’s Nest is here to catch you up on what you might’ve missed.  Without further ado, I bring you the important stuff…

  • Probably the most significant events were CES and MacWorld but I’m going to let the Bird Brainz cover that in an upcoming post so I’m gonna continue with the random bullshit that I loved from the weekend…
  • DC Universe preliminary videos did not wow me.  Call me a sucker for violence but the fact that you can only “knockout” your enemies rubs me the wrong way.  I do have to say that the physics are pretty damn cool and the fact that you can traverse the buildings is sweet.  However, the combat looks kinda lame to me.   It’s cool that you can craft your own superhero… BUT you’ll never be batman or superman.  They are NPC’s that guide you through the game… that is garbage.  They should have them as unlockables at the least for the people that max level or something.

To read the rest (including some Xbox360 surprise releases), you know what to do… (more…)

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