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I'm usually cackling with joy at this point!

I'm usually cackling with joy at this point!

This post will mostly be incoherent babble because its 2 AM and I’ve played 360 for about 6 solid hours.  BUT I have to strongly urge everyone to GET Gears of War 2. That was one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve had in a while.  When you have 4 of your friends to play with and the waves start to get up there… it is an all out blood bath.  TWICE we lost with only one guy to go in these one v one situations which ended up in laughter and screaming (also tears).   This game is so great because you actually need your full team for the harder waves and strategy plays an ENORMOUS role on top of all the fire fights.

It should also be noted that during gameplay we were messaged by 3 or 4 other friends wanting to play GoW2 with us while we had a full party.  If you don’t own this game here’s what I recommend you do.

1)  Purchase game

2) Beat campaign and be completely blown away by tight story line, sharp gameplay and beautiful graphics

3)  Message us or any of your other friends who play and start working your way through the Horde ranks

Why?  Because its Epic (also the name of the game producers… how fitting.)  Get on board, this game is insanely fun.  Do it… you won’t do it

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