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The Fifa Challenge

How much do you love it when your buddy challenges you to a game of Fifa.  An exhibition match… its fantastic.  After you spend countless hours playing ranked and club matches against randoms, you need to test your skill against friends.  Why?  BRAGGING RIGHTS BABY.  Its even sweeter when there is build up and shit talking on the way to your sweet victories.  If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m talking about a real story…

One of my buddies from college (lets call him Little D), has been talking up another one of my friends (we will call him Seph) since the dawn of time.  We had a party here last night and I asked Seph if he had been playing.  Seph, having studied in Manchester for the semester proceeded to brag about beating his flatmates.  Naturally, I saw my window to offer a challenge in which everyone made jokes about me getting trashed upon.

Did your representation from the Bird Nest handle shit?  It’s all after the cut as well as my opinions on playing not so friendlies…


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