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Ho there folks, sorry about the impromptu hiatus from posting. It’s been a long couple of weeks, I’ve been fighting numerous colds, work has really ramped up (translation: kicking my ass) and I was in DC last week for the Inauguration and I am still recovering from that. Ok really all I have is a lot of excuses, but they make me feel better.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about the Resident Evil 5 demo that was released yesterday. Jpark and I fired up some co-op last night and we both came to a few of the same conclusions.

It’s NOT Scary!

I guess this shouldn’t have been a shock considering how so-called horror games are trending lately, but this game was too bright, too outdoors, and lacked a certain flair for the macabre. I expected dark and creepy, not a leisurely stroll through a well-lit “shanty town” that reminded more of downtown Baltimore then anything else.

Not to be a stickler in critiquing a demo, but the audio in the game left me wanting so much more. Compared to the terrifying weeping of the Witch in Left4Dead, or the any of the ambient terror from past Resident Evils. I’m hoping this is a feature of the levels chosen for the demo, not the game itself, but if you bill a game as Horror-Action, then scare me, please.


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