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A recent overdose on sports games has gotten me thinking about in-game adverstising and their place within the sports gaming spectrum. While my opinion on in-game ads in shooters and adventure games is that of skepticism and distaste, I can’t help but soften my view on advertising in sports games.

While sponsorship and product placement are an integral part of sports (and arguably everything mainstream,) they add a certain touch of realism and authenticity to their video game counterparts. Consider a BirdNest favorite, Fifa 09. Ignoring for a moment the banner ads in the stadiums that ensure realistic locations, every single licensed kit is by nature an advertisement. And we relish these ads! If EA left 02 as Arsenal’s sponsor, well, I would be pretty disapointed. We stare at these ads and love every moment of it, as soccer/football fans and gamers who desire authenticity.

This is an easy one to defend, we wear these ads proudly on our chest, so who cares if it shows up in our video games. But after the jump, there are some pretty outlandish ads that don’t really bother me as much as they should.


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