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A great friend of the Bird Nest, Jimbo, brought up an interesting question in the last post – have we ever bought a system because of a certain game? It made me think of some of those ill-advised purchases over the years. Like when you buy games for systems you don’t own, or consoles you don’t need, or games you will never play. Sometimes a gamer just gets the urge to add a game to his collection, even if there is already way too little time in the day to actually play it.

Whatever drives us, our purchasing decisions play a major role in our overall gaming experience. Poor choices can lead to poor gaming, which is no good for anyone. But pull the trigger on whatever you’ve been eying and who knows where it will take you. Some of my past decisions were stupid, but lucky stupid. A collection of the bigger, stupider purchases of my life of which some have happy endings, some are still sitting in the closet.

Guitar Hero Fiasco

Probably the most compulsive purchase of my gaming career was Guitar Hero II for the PS2. After getting banned from JPark’s copy of Guitar Hero I (I may have broken his whammy bar) and drooling about it in my sleep, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and fulfill my rock destiny by spending what little money I had on a copy for my apartment. Just one problem, I didn’t own a Playstation 2.

No big deal at first, since my roommate had one, but what would happen at the end of the semester and I went back home with only an Xbox at my disposal? That’s when the guitar started bouncing from house to house, plugging into foreign consoles and strange basements, eventually ending up in the trunk of my car, forgotten but not forsaken. It was my constant search for a console to play my ill-conceived new toy that spread GHII to a lot of people who otherwise had no idea this existed. I was like a Rockin’ Johnny Plastic-Guitar-Seed, spreading hammer-ons and Star Power to anyone that would have it. Well, not really. But I made my friends indulge my obsession if they happened to own a PS2.


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Halo Wars Demo Live Today

Just a quick heads up before getting into the shit for the day: The Halo Wars Demo came out today. Note the early download is only available to Xbox Live Gold Members, Silver members get access in a week. Nifty feature of XBL Marketplace: you can queue it for download here. And, to get you excited while you wait for the work day to be over, check out the video below.

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