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Big news, WoW fans, big news!  The long anticipated “Duel Specs” are coming in patch 3.1!  Yes, for the first time ever, players will be able to spec their talents for two different specialities, which is perfect for you hybrid classes and/or lovers of pvp!  MMOChampion has a fantastic interview posted over at their site, but I’ll go through the major points here:

  1. All classes will be able to do this, but at the level cap.  Their reasoning is that they don’t want to complicate and burden leveling up for other players.
  2. To set up duel speccing, you will purchase it from a trainer for a one time fee, similar to “Cold Weather Flying.”
  3. To switch between specs you’ll need to be near a Lexicon of Power, which can be found in all major cities.  On top of this, inscribers will be able to actually make a new item that summons one and can be purchasable by non-inscriptionists.  In order to use the item, you and your party will have to summon it (similar to the Warlock’s ritual of summoning). Whether or not the portable Lexicon of Power will be consumable (disappear after use) is not decided.
  4. When you want to respec your talents, you will be respeccing the talents that your character is using at the moment.  If you want to respec your other specialization, you have to switch over.
  5. They will be implementing a gear system called “Gear Manager”!  You can’t save certain gear to certain specs, but you can set up certain “outfits” for certain situations.  So you’d build a tanking outfit, DPS outfit, healer outfit or just an “in town” outfit and switch when the situation calls.
  6. Hunters!  When you switch specs, your pet’s talents will be wiped.  However, there will be no respec costs. They are also building a system so you can summon your pets from their stables without being in a town!  So if you’re jumping from Beastmaster to Survival, you can send your exotic pet to their stable and bring out another beastie!  Nice!
  7. Glyphs will be tied to the talents, so the glyph page will be moving to the talent spec page.
  8. You can save your hotbars!  It will be saved at the same time your glyphs and talents will be saved.
  9. This is another big one – you will be able to mess around with your talents and then save them, instead of making permanant choices up front.  This will let you experiment with ideas and talents before saving the choice.  No more costly respecs to fix that nasty mistake!
  10. The possibility of future specs added in the future.

If you want to test this stuff out, the PTR is coming up soon!  Personally, I’m pretty excited, I kind of want to test out blood and frost and this looks like the best way to do it without screwing up my unholy spec.

Your thoughts?

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