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I wish I had the resources to write a preview myself, but check out the good people at GamesRadar.com and their God of War III preview. It’s written really well and if nothing else, provided a bit more of depth than I’ve seen in other previews, hence my need to link to it here. Release date is expected to be announced at E3, but I think I will start saving up for the PS3 now.

On another note, I picked up my copy of Street Fighter IV today, so I can look forward to playing it all night and you can look forward to reading about it tomorrow. Until then…

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Happy day after presidents day everyone! For those who are starting their work week today (me) well, good luck getting into the groove and hope this short works goes well for all of you.

For those with itchy trigger fingers, the GTA IV add-on Lost and Damned is now available on XBL marketplace. I never beat GTA IV, and I’m gearing up for the release of Street Fighter IV this week, so I’m personally going to pass on this expansion. I’ll keep my ear out for some good reviews/impressions and will link to them later in the week, perhaps. For now, it’s time to make the donuts (aka reconcile historical cash flows…KMS.)

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