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Commenter “Jimbo” asked the following question on my recent 3.1 Death Knight article:

So I have a dilemma…

This is for anyone who is familiar with WoW

I enjoy all genres of games, but any form of RPG really holds a special place in my heart. I’ve never been that interested in WoW, I’ve never even bothered to read up on it. I didn’t get in at the ground level when it first came out, and now the sheer magnitude of it is enough to keep me away…it’s like like trying to pick up a show 6 seasons in and having to go back and watch the previous 5 on DVD, I just don’t have that kind of desire.

The more I read about it here, however, the more appealing it seems. Keeping in mind that I have many other gaming interests to bogart all of my free time, what are the main barriers of entry to a game like this and how valid/difficult to overcome are they?

So you want to start playing the game, but you’re worried about having being behind the curve?  It’s a really fantastic question and I’d be more than happy to answer it for you.


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