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Hello Dave

This isn’t a real post. In fact, as you all probably assumed, thebirdnest is dead. I bought a domain name for a new site, but never merged the two. Then I stopped playing new games. I had no desire to write about the same things, had no passion for rehashing other blog posts, and had no time to find breaking news on my own. So, for now, until the world settles down a bit, The Bird Nest in this shape and form is effectively over. You can call it a hiatus if you want to get cheeky about it, but in reality, and what everyone already knew, the site is shut down. I don’t even really think anyone will read this, because what readers we might have had at one point have long stopped caring and I can’t blame them. So without further ado, peace out. (Picture the end of Old Yeller for reference)

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