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Ok so this is a very busy Friday afternoon, and I know you love the quick posts, so here’s one more little tidbit for the blogosphere before the long weekend: BioWare announced a new playable planet for their upcoming MMO, The Old Republic. Check out their post here for the details. The planet is called Hutta, and is the homeworld for the Hutts. If you don’t know what a Hutt is, chances are you aren’t going to be playing this game. But if you do, check out the screens, they look really cool. Get excited for this one…

If that wasn’t enough, the good people over at Loot-Ninja have put together the just released God of War 3 screenshots really nicely, so I thought I would link to those as a special added bonus since it’s almost qutting time. This game looks absolutely amazing, and is probably the reason why I’ll have to finally buy a PS3. Have a great weekend everyone, look for big things in the next week at The Bird Nest. There will be a few exciting announcements for all!

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I don’t have time to go into details (too busy discussing bad movies in the previous post) but I figured I would link to two interesting stories. Joystiq has the scoop on some new details for Fallout 3: The Pitt DLC and it sounds awesome. Sign me up for working with, instead of against, the Raiders and another set of weapons and armor. This will be released in March and I will definitely be updating as more information gets released.

Other then that, Microsoft announced the creation of their own line of retail stores. This guy could go either way. Apple seems to be the ideal here, where Microsoft probably wants to avoid the failures of Sony at all costs. Either way, another interesting move from everybody’s favorite monopoly. That’s all for now, enjoy the remainder of your Fridays!

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Happy Friday the 13th


Another wonderful Friday at The Bird Nest is upon us and I thought that since it was Friday the 13th i would take a short trip memory lane with one of the stupidest games ever created, Friday the 13th for NES. It was lame, that’s all there really is to say about it. Gameplay? Boring. Graphics? Nothing special, even for 8-bit.

I thought, in honor of the 865,567th remake of this classic movie, we could brainstorm some of the better and worst movie-to-game adaptations over the years. Most of the time, a game based on a movie is so rushed, so carelessly developed, that it’s almost never worth the time and the money. Studios are so focused on their liscencing that they forget to make a quality game.

Don’t believe me? Pick up a copy of Superman Returns, Iron Man, or any of the Spiderman games. You will not thank me this time, unless you avoid these games like the plague. If you do give them a whirl, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. They are under-developed, full of bugs, and none of them are any fun. But the question is, has there ever been a movie-based game that was worth buying?

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After finishing Operation Anchorage the other day, I’m now chomping at the bits in anticipation for the rest of the downloads. I’ve been looking for details on the next installment, call The Pitt, but information is sparse to say the least. I did find myself reading an interview at Skewed and Reviewed with one the lead producer at Bethesda, Jeff Gardiner. While most of the interview was focused on Operation: Anchorage, he did have answer one question in regards to the Pitt:

JG: There are two more pieces of Downloadable Content in addition to Operation: Anchorage in the works. The next installment is entitled “The Pitt,” and will send the player to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, disguised as a slave in order to join, or usurp, a tribe of raiders that have taken over the steel yards there. The third DLC is called “Broken Steel.” This DLC will change the ending of the main quest of Fallout 3 and allow the player to continue their quest in the wasteland. It also raises the level cap to 30, add new foes, weaponry and allows the player to irrevocable alter the wasteland in profound new ways.

Nothing really new, but confirm’s the earlier rumors. He does go into some good detail about Anchorage, and the full interview is worth a read. That’s it for now, I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground though, and if I find any new information you know I’ll post it.

Note: There were some decent announcements from some major publishers yesterday, including Battlefield 1943 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Neither of these announcements are that exciting, but don’t forget to Pre-Order your copy of Street Fighter IV, it comes out in less then two weeks!

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Halo Wars Demo Live Today

Just a quick heads up before getting into the shit for the day: The Halo Wars Demo came out today. Note the early download is only available to Xbox Live Gold Members, Silver members get access in a week. Nifty feature of XBL Marketplace: you can queue it for download here. And, to get you excited while you wait for the work day to be over, check out the video below.

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Well this has certainly been a slow week at the bird nest. After such a promising start to 2009 I have to admit that I have been pretty absent this week. Part of that relates to my day job; basically I am swamped at work and don’t get to spend the day surfing around looking for cool stuff to write about. I also want to blame the weather. It’s a brisk 0 degrees (or so) here in Boston and frankly all I want to do is curl up under a blanket with my controller and not leave until May. But we have a little more dedication then that here at The Bird Nest so I thought it was about time to get my thoughts down about EA’s NHL 09.

In honor of this out-of-the-blue story about the mayor of Hartford petitioning the NHL for a new team, I thought it would be prudent to get a few words down on paper about the newest sports obsession of mine, NHL 09.

The Acclaim

Take a look at the back of the box and you see EA’s claim that it’s the #1 best selling Hockey franchise of all time and that it won seven sports game of the year awards. I was skeptical of these facts, but under further review it did generate quite a few nods. The mecca (and industry sellouts) of year in review, IGN, gives them the blue ribbon. So does Gamespot. But who cares what those hacks say!? To me, Fifa will always be my favorite sports game, but NHL is slowly creeping in and has been taking time away from my Fifa sessions on an almost daily basis. But really, why would it get some much critical acclaim? Hit the jump to see why…


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All Signs Point to a Cheaper PS3

Quick little guy for you this morning since I am already behind in the day, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to go “HA! Told you!” when it comes to the PS3 pricing. Granted, nothing in confirmed and everyone and their grandmother have been predicting this for a while now, but stories like this one all point to a $300 PS3 (down from $400) in early Spring. Combine that with Sony’s first red bottom line in 14 years and we have a good chance for some price cuts in consoles in the next few months. Two years ago a Blu-Ray alone cost about that so this is going to be hard to turn down. Until later folks, time to get back to things that have nothing to do with video games…unless you count historical errors a game. Which I don’t.

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While you were busy watching the playoffs or the Man U v Chelsea match, the world kept turning.  Luckily the Bird’s Nest is here to catch you up on what you might’ve missed.  Without further ado, I bring you the important stuff…

  • Probably the most significant events were CES and MacWorld but I’m going to let the Bird Brainz cover that in an upcoming post so I’m gonna continue with the random bullshit that I loved from the weekend…
  • DC Universe preliminary videos did not wow me.  Call me a sucker for violence but the fact that you can only “knockout” your enemies rubs me the wrong way.  I do have to say that the physics are pretty damn cool and the fact that you can traverse the buildings is sweet.  However, the combat looks kinda lame to me.   It’s cool that you can craft your own superhero… BUT you’ll never be batman or superman.  They are NPC’s that guide you through the game… that is garbage.  They should have them as unlockables at the least for the people that max level or something.

To read the rest (including some Xbox360 surprise releases), you know what to do… (more…)

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Hey guys, the interwebs were hit today with some more screenshots for the first DLC to be released for Fallout 3.  The release is called Operation Anchorage.  The premise is to win back Alaska from the communist Chinese invaders.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the first round of screenshots, get pumped they look fantastic.  Destructoid has got three more here, including some ninja looking gear.  While I decided to go bruiser/tank build, this is some tasty loot for all you sneaks out there.  This is set to be released this month!

Ok thats all for now!  On a more personal note, I had hand surgery yesterday which is going to sideline me from 360 for a little while.  This is depressing news but at least I have perks and a nice fluffy couch to catch up on movies and flash games!

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Quick thing I ran across while checking my achievements, but xbox.com has a good collection of tips for Left 4 Dead. The most important:

Whether playing cooperatively or just with the A.I., there’s no more important strategy than simple teamwork. Specifically, no player can freelance on their own away from the other survivors. You’re most vulnerable to Smoker, Hunter, and Boomer attacks when separated. Always move together, taking the time to talk through where you’re heading so no one veers off from the group on accident.

Ok, back to work, but check out the rest of the tips here.

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