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A great friend of the Bird Nest, Jimbo, brought up an interesting question in the last post – have we ever bought a system because of a certain game? It made me think of some of those ill-advised purchases over the years. Like when you buy games for systems you don’t own, or consoles you don’t need, or games you will never play. Sometimes a gamer just gets the urge to add a game to his collection, even if there is already way too little time in the day to actually play it.

Whatever drives us, our purchasing decisions play a major role in our overall gaming experience. Poor choices can lead to poor gaming, which is no good for anyone. But pull the trigger on whatever you’ve been eying and who knows where it will take you. Some of my past decisions were stupid, but lucky stupid. A collection of the bigger, stupider purchases of my life of which some have happy endings, some are still sitting in the closet.

Guitar Hero Fiasco

Probably the most compulsive purchase of my gaming career was Guitar Hero II for the PS2. After getting banned from JPark’s copy of Guitar Hero I (I may have broken his whammy bar) and drooling about it in my sleep, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and fulfill my rock destiny by spending what little money I had on a copy for my apartment. Just one problem, I didn’t own a Playstation 2.

No big deal at first, since my roommate had one, but what would happen at the end of the semester and I went back home with only an Xbox at my disposal? That’s when the guitar started bouncing from house to house, plugging into foreign consoles and strange basements, eventually ending up in the trunk of my car, forgotten but not forsaken. It was my constant search for a console to play my ill-conceived new toy that spread GHII to a lot of people who otherwise had no idea this existed. I was like a Rockin’ Johnny Plastic-Guitar-Seed, spreading hammer-ons and Star Power to anyone that would have it. Well, not really. But I made my friends indulge my obsession if they happened to own a PS2.


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A recent overdose on sports games has gotten me thinking about in-game adverstising and their place within the sports gaming spectrum. While my opinion on in-game ads in shooters and adventure games is that of skepticism and distaste, I can’t help but soften my view on advertising in sports games.

While sponsorship and product placement are an integral part of sports (and arguably everything mainstream,) they add a certain touch of realism and authenticity to their video game counterparts. Consider a BirdNest favorite, Fifa 09. Ignoring for a moment the banner ads in the stadiums that ensure realistic locations, every single licensed kit is by nature an advertisement. And we relish these ads! If EA left 02 as Arsenal’s sponsor, well, I would be pretty disapointed. We stare at these ads and love every moment of it, as soccer/football fans and gamers who desire authenticity.

This is an easy one to defend, we wear these ads proudly on our chest, so who cares if it shows up in our video games. But after the jump, there are some pretty outlandish ads that don’t really bother me as much as they should.


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The Fifa Challenge

How much do you love it when your buddy challenges you to a game of Fifa.  An exhibition match… its fantastic.  After you spend countless hours playing ranked and club matches against randoms, you need to test your skill against friends.  Why?  BRAGGING RIGHTS BABY.  Its even sweeter when there is build up and shit talking on the way to your sweet victories.  If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m talking about a real story…

One of my buddies from college (lets call him Little D), has been talking up another one of my friends (we will call him Seph) since the dawn of time.  We had a party here last night and I asked Seph if he had been playing.  Seph, having studied in Manchester for the semester proceeded to brag about beating his flatmates.  Naturally, I saw my window to offer a challenge in which everyone made jokes about me getting trashed upon.

Did your representation from the Bird Nest handle shit?  It’s all after the cut as well as my opinions on playing not so friendlies…


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As you may know, I’m a petty and jealous person. That being said, I can’t allow Mike and JPark to write about 2008 without throwing in my two cents. And, as much as I have been avoiding the wrap-up/review type post (since we have all been bogged down with them for the past month) I thought it would be prudent to touch upon the top Co-Op online games I’ve enjoyed over the past year. Keep in mind that this list excludes MMORPGs.

  • Gears of War 2
  • I have two words for you: Horde Mode. Strap up your chainsaws with one to four of your best gamer buddies and get ready for onslaught after onslaught of alien baddies. Use strategy, cover for each other, and don’t get caught in the middle. And remember, aim for the tanks and you can take care of that flame thrower pretty damn quickly. Granted, you can obviously play the Campaign mode, but after you do it once, Horde is where its at.

    To see the rest of my favorite co-op games, well, you know what to do…


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Editors Note: These opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. The author is in the “suck” category.


The inspiration for this article came from repeated episodes of anger and heartbreak. All of these outbursts have come during instances that could’ve caused serious injury if I had followed out my wishes. I’m referring to high velocity controllers, approaching dangerous speeds when they explode against my wall in a dismemberment of plastic and wiring. What you’re probably wondering is why you can beat the AI or your friends consistently, but you get stomped against randoms online? Without further ado, here are the 5 reasons why you (and I) suck at sports video games on the interwebs.


    5) Matchmaking: This one is a no-brainer and probably my biggest folly. Uh hey guys, how many of you just click Quick Match and then get thrown on for 400 yards passing 200 rushing? Which one of you just click Quick Match and then get scored on 4 – 0 in Fifa09 match? Only then you realize the only reason the game isn’t 6 – 0 is because your opponent is humiliating you; attempting chip shots from the top of the box, going full speed, as you battle to try and slide tackle him from behind before its too late.

Hit the jump to see the last four reasons why you suck… 

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So after playing some epic battles of Fifa tonight, and with the promise of going back to CT to play more, I have decided to scour (google/youtube) the internet to find you some cool hints for fifa. Well, actually, here’s a video showing you how to do the various celebrations:

Check out a text doc here

Lastly, heres a video with some sweet moves. Check out YouTube for more, as usual.

That’s it for now, 3 cheers for a short day tomorrow and then mmmm…turkey.

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