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As another week kicks off and The New York Football Giants are the #1 team in the NFC, I thought it prudent to start off the short holiday week with a little teaser from everyone’s favorite company, Blizzard, with a “shoutcast” featuring some mouth-watering Starcraft 2 content. If you either didn’t play video games 10 years ago or grew up in the backwoods of the Pennsylvania Amish, Starcraft is one of the more revolutionary games of its kind and generation. One of the first RTS’s to have three seperate factions with unique abilities and strategies, Starcraft also blasted its way onto the Multiplayer scene. If you think a Zergling rush was the most fun this side of a Protoss beacon, well, check out the following gameplay video courtesy of YouTube:

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The recently-released expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, had many new features.  A new continent featuring a new quest system (which I’ll get into in a later post), an achievement system, a hair salon, new abilities, etc etc.  But one of the biggest additions was Warcraft’s first ever Hero Class, the Death Knight.  And I have started one.  And it’s become my main.

The mechanics for the class has not only changed the way I played the game, but it’s made me pay more attention to what I’m doing.  Prior to starting my DK, I played a dwarf hunter almost all the time.  Excellent for soloing content and damage mitigation, playing the pet-focused class was just fun and easy.  But once I picked up the DK, the hunter suddenly became boring.  Here’s how the class works – imagine, if you will, a warlock (where most of the damage is over time) fusing with a paladin (an AOE plate wearer that heals itself when it does damage).  You apply diseases, spread the disease around multiple mobs using one ability, drop a few AOE attacks, pop some of your fun abilities and voila! Five to six (or even seven to eight) dead mobs at your feet.


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Well the day has come – Blizzard has announced you can pay fifteen dollars to fix your character’s skin color, hair, face and gender in WoW.  You can only change one character at a time, so if you need to fix multiple characters, you’re looking at multiple charges.

On one hand, I think it’s nice to offer it, though in the latest expansion they have added an in-game Barbershop, so it’s not like the hairstyles can’t be fixed using fake money instead of real money.  I guess if you picked the wrong face, or was tired of looking at a male version of your character, this would really help you out.  You can’t change your race (probably due to racial abilities) nor your class, so this is purely cosmetic.  A few months ago, name changes were offered as well.

Personally, I see this as a waste of money.  For one, you’re behind the character 98% of the time and you can barely see the face to begin with.  And changing gender?  Are you really sick of the blood elf female dance to change it?  It’s nice to offer it, but I can never see myself taking advantage of this.  Especially for fifteen real dollars.

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