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Thanks to Jpark for bringing this to my attention, but EA makes some legitatmately smart decisions here by annoucing a new partnership with Valve’s game distributor, Steam. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate EA’s download manager, and how much easier Steam is to use. I used the former for Red Alert 3 and Steam for Left 4 Dead and I have to say, Steam dominates any other PC game downloader in terms of download speed, availability, and usability. I mean, they even link you to MetaCritic so you can check out reviews before you post. Needless to say that I will be uninstalling EA’s downloader as soon as I get home, basically a virtual enema. Need to clear out the bowels of my PC from all of the EA related nonsense, now that I can rely on Steam. So far, Mass Effect, Spore, Fifa 09 manager, Crysis and many more are available. EA plans on releasing its more popular games shortly (Red Alert 3, for example) and all new releases will be availble for download from Steam. Good work EA, you finally figured something out.

More EA news today is that they shitstorm created around the installation cap (at 3, then 5) is getting closer and closer to being settled. Check out this over at PCGamer for a good background on the controversy surronding Spore and what EA has done to fix it. The short version: EA announced today that they will ever so graciously allow its “valued” customers to de-authorize machines to “free up” an install slot. It’s a step in the right direction, EA.

Now what EA doesn’t realize, and what has been protested and written about for billions and hundreds of trillions of years, is that DRM (digital rights management) is not going to be figured out by punishing the people who ACTUALLY BUY THE GAME. I know that every time I know a friend who pirates a game (ahem) they download it via a torrent. Guess what the #1 game of 2008 for torrents was? No, it wasn’t Daniel Negraneu’s World Poker Tour, it was Spore. That’s right! Good work EA, not only did you piss off the people who spent their hard earned cash on your game, but you ALSO managed to push piracy to a whole new level. I think people were downloading and seeding it merely out of spite. And ya know, I’m all for paying for games that I love, that I play, that I want to support. But I can’t blame the people who went out and downloaded a copy of this. Send the right message and everything is illuminated. I mean, EA did get the point, even if it was 3 months late.

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