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Videos, pictures, reports are flying in. We are heading back down to that city under the sea, Rapture.  Bioshock 2 is coming, so get FUCKING PUMPED.Let’s go over some bullet points about this sequel, shall we?

  1. This takes place several years after the first Bioshock.  Rapture is falling apart before your eyes.
  2. You play as a Big Daddy.  Not just any Mr. B, but the first.  Which means you have access to guns, plasmid powers and that badass drill.  From the footage I’ve seen, this shit is gonna be bloody.
  3. We have a major villain – the Big Sister.  Rumor has it she’s a little sister from the first game, and she’s been stealing little girls from the surface world to turn them into her own twisted little sisters. The scary part about her? She’s fucking fast.
  4. We’re going to be traversing the ocean floor!  With Mr. B’s breathing apparatus, we’ll be able to take short cuts through the city by using the bottom of the Atlantic.
  5. DUEL WIELDING. That’s right ladies and gents, we’re going to be able to shoot guns and use plasmids at the same time.  Why are we going to need this? Well, picture Splicers coming at you in large waves…
  6. If you recall in the first game, we could either Save or Farm ADAM from Little Sisters, and the similar choice is found in this one. But you don’t just save, you can adopt.  You put the little sister onto your shoulder and go about your business, but when you come across a body on the floor, you can have your Little Sister farm the corpse for more ADAM. The downside? Well, when she farms corpses, Splicers tend to want to hurt her. Save her, Mr. Bubbles!

I’m pretty excited about this sequel.  Granted, I haven’t finished the first one (I just got my “shoot bees at people” power) but I plan on finishing it before the second one rears it’s head.  You can find a ton of videos over at Gametrailers.com.

What are your thoughts about this?

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Ok I know I might lose some of you by posting about Wii, but I couldn’t help myself when it came to this rumor about a supposed co-op Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the Wii.

I’m down for this though, granted I own 1 Wii game (smash bros) and barely play it, but I bet if the circumstances and the people were right, I could do a little fourway action. Shotty Raphael!

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I’m jealous…all these people posting on my blog and I haven’t done anything yet. So it’s time for me to pull my weight. Okay really I just saw in my feeder another tid-bit from Loot-Ninja and I had to share. By the way, I swear I have other sources but they are my most consistent so deal with it. Anyways, check out the post about the rumblings of Gears of War 3. This was particularly interesting:

One major rumor is that it will have a 5 play co-op for the campaign, which was a huge omission from Gears 2

That’s it for now. Gonna go play some games…

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Well, another Friday accounted for and everyone is crusing along. Not much to report but I felt obligated to say goodbye for the day. I played the Madden and Facebreaker demos last night, both were pretty impressive. I had a great time reliving the game winning TD pass (Eli steps, has Plax open in the end zone…TOUCHDOWN!!! GIANTS LEAD SUPERBOWL XLII 17-14!!!!) and Madden’s got a pretty cool feature where they test you when you first start the game and then adjust the difficulty settings as you play.
I think it’s pretty cool and fun mini-game/trainer feature. The game itself is just as confusing as ever (there are maybe 45,000 presnap options) but with practice it seems managable.

Facebreaker was fun but I got my ass kicked by a smoking hot virtua-chick. Not the first time that’s happened…

Lastly, check out this Bloomberg report about Jim Brown suing Madden for using his likeness. Lighten up man, you are being honored on Madden as part of the All-Brown’s team. I just think its a shame. How many times have I created myself in video games only to have my character cut just as fast as I would be in real life? These egotistical athletes need to realize their core fans are the ones playing these games and want to use them, digitally. Deseperately. How long did it take MJ to make it into an NBA game? I still don’t think his actual likeness is allowed, they cheat and get around it, like Madden did in this case. And now they are getting sued. It’s a damn shame.

Have a good weekend brohams and brohamimes.

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