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So its a big day, we have the first non-bird post and I’d like to welcome Jpark to the family. The blogosphere is lucky to have him, and I’m even luckier. Hopefully we can post a few times a day now, but we’ll see. I have a quick link to this study regarding who is playing games. Some interesting stuff:

While just over half of adults play games, 81 percent of adults age 18 to 29 play games — a proportion that drops to 12 percent among those 65 years of age or older.

And again, to connect my day job with my dream, I wanted to share this article about the future of venture capital.

Unlike the last technology bubble, when LPs questioned how much money they put into venture capital as an asset class, this time around there are questions about both the viability of the asset class and pressure on all alternative investments.

This is a quick read, but a good one for those unfamilar with alternative assets and especially venture capital. As VC is an extremely important part of the industry, since so many games require massive funding from VC firms, and VC loves the big payouts with the homeruns, (see this post about WoW: Lich King and its venture ties,) this could have massive implications on the future of gaming. In the past few years we have seen the smaller firms get venture funding, including Boston based Harmonix, makers of Rock Band and a slew of others. Would we have Guitar Hero if Harmonix was developing it now, rather then 5 years ago? We can only watch and see how the recession is going to affect VC and how that in turn affects the ability for smaller gaming companies to get funded. For now, I can expect iApps and flash based games, offered for free online, as where the innovation is going to come from. Hopefully the bigger firms, those that are not venture backed and run on marketing teams and television like executives (I’m looking at you EA,) will keep the industry cruising with cutting edge breakthroughs and risk taking. Odds are though, we’ll see Sims 45 competing with Age of Empires 12 before we see any REAL innovation from the big guys. Left 4 Dead, while a fun and entertaining game, is basically Half-Life with better A.I. and melee only enemies. Not that I’m complaining, but one cannot expect Valve to take any true risks. (That said, the A.I. in L4D is amazing…)

That’s it for the morning, I’m going to have to crank through some day job stuff for the next few hours. Stay tuned for an afternoon update from me and hopefully something from the pahka later.

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