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I'm usually cackling with joy at this point!

I'm usually cackling with joy at this point!

This post will mostly be incoherent babble because its 2 AM and I’ve played 360 for about 6 solid hours.  BUT I have to strongly urge everyone to GET Gears of War 2. That was one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve had in a while.  When you have 4 of your friends to play with and the waves start to get up there… it is an all out blood bath.  TWICE we lost with only one guy to go in these one v one situations which ended up in laughter and screaming (also tears).   This game is so great because you actually need your full team for the harder waves and strategy plays an ENORMOUS role on top of all the fire fights.

It should also be noted that during gameplay we were messaged by 3 or 4 other friends wanting to play GoW2 with us while we had a full party.  If you don’t own this game here’s what I recommend you do.

1)  Purchase game

2) Beat campaign and be completely blown away by tight story line, sharp gameplay and beautiful graphics

3)  Message us or any of your other friends who play and start working your way through the Horde ranks

Why?  Because its Epic (also the name of the game producers… how fitting.)  Get on board, this game is insanely fun.  Do it… you won’t do it

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As you may know, I’m a petty and jealous person. That being said, I can’t allow Mike and JPark to write about 2008 without throwing in my two cents. And, as much as I have been avoiding the wrap-up/review type post (since we have all been bogged down with them for the past month) I thought it would be prudent to touch upon the top Co-Op online games I’ve enjoyed over the past year. Keep in mind that this list excludes MMORPGs.

  • Gears of War 2
  • I have two words for you: Horde Mode. Strap up your chainsaws with one to four of your best gamer buddies and get ready for onslaught after onslaught of alien baddies. Use strategy, cover for each other, and don’t get caught in the middle. And remember, aim for the tanks and you can take care of that flame thrower pretty damn quickly. Granted, you can obviously play the Campaign mode, but after you do it once, Horde is where its at.

    To see the rest of my favorite co-op games, well, you know what to do…


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As all of you probably know by now, every gaming site and their mother is announcing their candidates for 2008 Game of the Year.  Since this is our blog you are going to get my opinions.  Unfortunately since I am just a regular guy like you, I have played a limited number of games.  I’m going to breakdown the games I’ve purchased or played to entirety in 2008, then reveal my top 3 games of the year for the 360.


Gears of War 2, Madden 2008, NBA 2K8, Fifa 2009, Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3, Ninja Guiden 2, Call of Duty 4

Without further ado here are my picks…

3)  Fifa 2009


I can not deny this game a spot in my top 3 due to the amount of time I have already put into this game.  They have made some key additions and adjustments to the prior installments and its more fun than ever.  While this is not a top title in the United States, this is the highest selling video game in Europe (other than Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training for the Nintendo DS)

This game is fun for so many reasons.  I love how they added the celebrations.  There is nothing better than running wild on the field after a dirty goal and giving a nice fist pump or chest slide.  There are a wide variety of celebrations that are extremely enjoyable.  They have made the gameplay challenging enough that there is a lot of challenging moves and tricks you can accomplish on your way to goals.  Once you have mastered the controls, dominating in Fifa09 is a high you will not experience in many other sports titles from 2008.  Fifa is way more condusive to online play than Madden or NBA 2k8.

The only downsides are that if you are inexperienced at the controls there is a learning curve you will have to overcome.  Also there are still some pesky animations that are out of your control which sometimes affect gameplay negatively.

Check out my top 360 games after the jump:


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