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For once, a non WoW entry from me!

I bought a Wii over a year ago.  It was a happy day.  My girlfriend and I scooped it up, one of five remaining consoles, and purchased it with Wii Play and Metroid Prime.  We played the shit out of it for awhile.  I got a few more games for it, all of them fun.

Then I got the Xbox 360.

I won’t lie to you, I mostly bought it for Halo 3.  I adore the game, the story, the online play.  I also knew that every game coming out in the future that I was at all interested in was for the 360, so it was a good purchase in the long run.  And with Netflix, HD-capable games, Rock Band (and it’s DLC), I haven’t been sorry once for the purchase.  Meanwhile, my Wii gathers dust, except when my girlfriend Shannon dusts it off to do a little Wiifit (which she loves).

The Wii should be doing better.  If you’ve played any first person shooters on this thing, it far surpases any sort of controller on the 360.  Metroid Prime 3 was INCREDIBLE.  But for some reason, the Wii has decided to not be a console, but instead a toy.

Wii?  Sit down a minute.  Let’s talk this out.  I have a few ideas to make you a better system.


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