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Well it’s happened.

I tanked a Heroic Instance.

In fact, I’ve tanked at least five by now.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it, but I wanted to talk about some tips, tricks and strategies I’ve found along the way.

First off, this is my spec.  I really have to go and buy some glyphs, but I was saving my money for my sweet Wyrmrest Accord Red Drake flying mount (which I have now and can only be purchased with Exalted reputation!).  I’m still working towards the Defense cap, which is 540 Defense for a Death Knight. Just some regemming/gear upgrades will fix that.

If you clicked my spec, you’ll see I’m a frost tank, mostly because that seems to be the best AOE tanking choice out there.  I’ve been having a blast learning my new powers and when to use what, and it’s been an interesting experience.  Here is some stuff I”ve learned along the way.


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I’m not much of a PvP person.  My mind is just never really in the game.  And yet, this is my schedule when I log on during weekends:

  • Log in
  • See when next Wintergrasp battle takes place
  • Pick up Wintergrasp daily quests
  • Fight in Wintergrasp (and hopefully win)
  • If Win, hit up Heroic Dungeon IMMEDIATELY

Suffice to say, I’ve been somewhat addicted to the PvP-only zone.  And you should be too!  Let’s talk about some ways doing Wintergrasp once in awhile is worth your time and effort.


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Over the Christmas break, I installed an addon called “AchievementSnap,” an addon that would take a screenshot every time I received an achievement!  I figured this would be a great way to catalog my adventures through Azeroth and I was right.  Of course, I forgot to add it right before I got my “Merrymaker” achievement, but that’s a-okay.

I looked at these screenshots and wanted to share them with you guys, but that gave me a great idea – why not share these achievements and the best way to complete them!?  Brilliant!  So let’s get into it.

Oh, and clicking on each picture takes you to a full-screen shot of everything that was going on when it happened, in case you’re interested.

The only way to get this is to find any barber shop and get a haircut!

Two bits!

Barber shops can be found in Stormwind, Ironforge, Ogrimmar, Undercity, Netherstorm (Area 52 and Cosmowrench) and Dalaran.  Get any haircut, facial detail change or hair color change and voila! Achievement achieved.

Check out the rest of my recent achievements (and tips to get them) under the cut…


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