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I know Red Alert 3 is old news but having just downloaded the demo for C&C3 let me start by saying wow.  Anyone who has played a Command and Conquer knows that this franchise goes a little bonkers with their cut scenes.  They do not shy away from the use of outrageous sketches with real actors (albeit random ones) and green screens.  I need to go on a minor rant on the intro video to this game and you will have a mind explosion if you follow me.  



Sweet lyphe Premier.

Sweet lyphe Premier.

Tim Curry, the actor from clue, plays the Soviet Premier who leads his other Comrade bro to a secret underground layer that holds a *GASP* time machine (OK WHAT?).  They travel back in time in hopes of altering the past, therefore changing the future (they are getting pwned by allies, they want to be the ones pwning).  They go to a Albert Einstein speech, they walk on stage, Curry zaps him with a handheld Tesla Coil (Tim Curry electrocutes him into dust with a handheld device).   Whatchya gonna do now Allies?  All your technologies are in jeopardy without your boy Einstein!  The Soviets rise from their underground layer feeling like they have World Domination on lockdown…




Yes.  George Takei is in the CC3 cut scenes

Yes. George Takei is in the CC3 cut scenes



GEORGE TAKEI FROM STAR TREK/HEROES/CALIFORNIA is here!  He’s Japanese and he’s pissed.   He interrupts a Soviet video cast and introduces his unstoppable army called the Empire of the Sun crushing all in its path.  OK… so… ready…set…go!  Three way war of outrageousness with unexplainable new technologies (including transformers) but no more nukes?  Yeah I’m lost too.

Upsides are:

The video is highly entertaining and hilarious.If you don’t have the time to DL the CC3 demo on your xbox some one has got it up on youtube  here.  Pretty much a must see.

Also of note, really attractive woman in trailer and they try hard to just keep beautiful women on the screen as much as possible  to distract you (out of the old CC playbook).


In terms of gameplay, although I only fiddled with it for an hour I found it hard to use.  It may be because I’m used to RTS games on the PC and not the console.  I also wasn’t a phan of the graphics or the free camera view.  Basically what I’m saying is there is a learning curve and its not a game you could just pick up and know what your doing.  The ability to use advanced maneuvers would take a lot more patience than I have.  The game did get favorable reviews so if anyone has actually played this I’d be interested to hear.  However my first impression is that this game probably blows.


Oh and one more thing… Jenny McCarthy is Tanya.  The video in the link is from pwn or die.com

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