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Ever wonder why your buddy is so much better at video games then you are? Can’t figure out why games take you twice as long as some people? Well, there are a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of making the leap from n00b to 1337.

Take a Deep Breath

Patience is the ultimate virtue, especially in relation to video games. I know you are anxious to get the new hotness loaded and your avatar into battle, but take a deep breath, it’s not going anywhere. Before strapping up your M4 and getting smoked by people who are well versed in the nuances in the game, take some time to learn the basics. That is, KNOW THE CONTROLS.

This is accomplished by taking 5 minutes and reading the instructions. Or, if you are illiterate, check out the tutorial. If you are too stubborn to do either of these things, or if you think you are just. that. good. then you probably don’t need to read the rest of this (do it anyway) and you most likely will crush me. But chances are, you suck and need to read this, just like I need to write it. Bottom line is, walk before you run. Learn the game first so you can focus on the intricacies as you play.

Less obvious tips wait after the cut…


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As you may know, I’m a petty and jealous person. That being said, I can’t allow Mike and JPark to write about 2008 without throwing in my two cents. And, as much as I have been avoiding the wrap-up/review type post (since we have all been bogged down with them for the past month) I thought it would be prudent to touch upon the top Co-Op online games I’ve enjoyed over the past year. Keep in mind that this list excludes MMORPGs.

  • Gears of War 2
  • I have two words for you: Horde Mode. Strap up your chainsaws with one to four of your best gamer buddies and get ready for onslaught after onslaught of alien baddies. Use strategy, cover for each other, and don’t get caught in the middle. And remember, aim for the tanks and you can take care of that flame thrower pretty damn quickly. Granted, you can obviously play the Campaign mode, but after you do it once, Horde is where its at.

    To see the rest of my favorite co-op games, well, you know what to do…


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Well its a slow day in the newsroom, mostly the stories I’m seeing are about Black Friday sales, and I’m not even going to bother linking to them because frankly, I don’t care. All the hooplah over holiday shopping bores me, and limited to a disastrous trip to get an iPhone and a sweet jacket, my holiday shopping was pretty tame. If you are buying video games for a loved one, I applaud you! I usually buy myself a new game or two for the holidays (and Tuesdays) and this year was no exception. In a moment of weakness and/or awesome compulsive gaming, I downloaded a copy of Left 4 Dead last night. Easily downloadable through Steam software, I was able to get the game downloaded and installed in less than an hour. Next, zombie killing time. The game is cut from the same cloth as Romero’s Living Dead movies and obviously pulls from the tried, true, and classic Zombie Genre. The opening cutscene sees the four heroes (left 4 dead, get it???) getting chased by wave after wave of zombie baddies. Cut to main menu and you are left with three options. Single Player, Online Co-Op, and Versus. I really only spent time playing the two different co-op missions, and my first impressions are fairly positive. The varying different zombie classes are challenging and require methodical and patient room clearing. Rush into a room too fast and alone and you will be swallowed alive by dozens of infected. I found the online play frusterating, by that was more because the people I played with just took off in different directions. Stay together, or die, is what I learned in that experience. Overall I would say the game is extremely entertaining, definitely challenging, but I fear that the novelty will get old after a few more hours. I’ll have further thoughts in a few days.

Quick update on something near, dear, and related to my PC Gaming. That is, the utter failure of the xbox console. Microsoft has made some more moves in clearing up the Red Ring of Death. Loot-Ninja (yet again) comes through with how to spot if your new Xbox has the new Jasper chip.

That is all for now, tomorrow will probably be busy again so I worry I will have to sacrifice the birdblahg for my day job. Sigh.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know I did, even if my reunion was strange and the turkeys made me sleepy.

I wish I had time for a real update today, but unfortunately there is that small nuisance of a day job I have to tend to today. I did get Left 4 Dead last night, and while I only played around for a bit, it was super fun. More details to follow when I get home tonight and can properly blahhhg. Until then, have a great monday and be sure to check out out the site tomorrow morning, where I will try to recover from actually working today.

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