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Happy Monday Birdnesters, I decided that, against my better judgement, it was time for a quick and dirty post about my initial reaction to the Operation Anchorage DLC for Fallout 3. A hungover Sunday inspired purchase, the post-nuclear add-on was pretty responsible for the fashionably late attendence of my super bowl party. This has to be a good thing, right? Playing Fallout was more attractive, for a few minutes, then greasy food (double bacon roll), sports (Fitzy is a god, even if they lost) and the company of my good friends.

The chapter itself has been fairly entertaining so far. The subtle addition of a distress call (from the Outcasts, who are just badass) leads you to their base, which in turn leads you to a discussion with their leader. Of course, you are in possession of a unique piece of technology on your arm which will allow you to operate a simulator. This should look familar, as you have probably experienced this earlier in the game. Once in the simulation, you join the U.S.’s fight to liberate Anchorage from the raging, invading, terrifiying communist forces that are the dreaded Chinese.

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