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Just a quick follow-up to a story from a few weeks ago regarding the teaser for a new Metal Gear Solid game, which we all thought might mean the franchise was coming to Xbox. Alas, I was certainly wrong, as Konami confirmed today that the next MGS will actually be released for the iPod Touch and the iPhone and will be called Metal Gear Solid Touch. Full press release text if you view the whole post.


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Well I have to make this quick, but I guess I should tell all the dudes and dudettes about this Metal Gear tease. Check out the bros over at Loot-Ninja for details and speculation about what’s next for Snake and the rest of Konami. PC Gamer thinks it might mean the Franchise is coming to 360. Which would be great, since Microsoft just emailed me that my console is repaired, so hopefully I’m back in the game by end of the week. Once I get my avatar figured out, I’ll post a pic of it.

I’m still bogged down at work so again you have to bear with me, these past few weeks have been subpar and I apologize. I wish I had some outside contributors ::cough:: leave comments ::cough::.

To make myself feel better about working vs. not working and blogging, I’ll post this from Tech Crunch about how the sagging economy is affecting the venture capital space. I can confirm that from my view, where I personally track over 30 venture firms and have access to over 200, they are not doing well. Here’s hoping a new bubble emerges soon and saves the day. Who wants to invest in the green bubble with me?

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