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Well this has certainly been a slow week at the bird nest. After such a promising start to 2009 I have to admit that I have been pretty absent this week. Part of that relates to my day job; basically I am swamped at work and don’t get to spend the day surfing around looking for cool stuff to write about. I also want to blame the weather. It’s a brisk 0 degrees (or so) here in Boston and frankly all I want to do is curl up under a blanket with my controller and not leave until May. But we have a little more dedication then that here at The Bird Nest so I thought it was about time to get my thoughts down about EA’s NHL 09.

In honor of this out-of-the-blue story about the mayor of Hartford petitioning the NHL for a new team, I thought it would be prudent to get a few words down on paper about the newest sports obsession of mine, NHL 09.

The Acclaim

Take a look at the back of the box and you see EA’s claim that it’s the #1 best selling Hockey franchise of all time and that it won seven sports game of the year awards. I was skeptical of these facts, but under further review it did generate quite a few nods. The mecca (and industry sellouts) of year in review, IGN, gives them the blue ribbon. So does Gamespot. But who cares what those hacks say!? To me, Fifa will always be my favorite sports game, but NHL is slowly creeping in and has been taking time away from my Fifa sessions on an almost daily basis. But really, why would it get some much critical acclaim? Hit the jump to see why…


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