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Why Hello There…

Man, the Bird’s nest keeps getting bigger. I’m Commonname (or Mike, whatever) and I’ll be joining the ranks to talk about Video Game news and MMOs, specifically, World of Warcraft, which has kind of changed gaming for me in general.  So I’ll be talking about that kind of stuff and bringing you news and the like when i get it.

I’ve been playing the game for…god, I think I tried the 10-day trial in 2005.  That summer the game was given to me as a present for surviving a car accident.  I’ve been playing off and on ever since.

So while I don’t “Raid” every weekend or “PVP hardcore,” I like to think I have a fairly strong grasp of the game and I’d be more than happy to share interesting stories, tips and tricks and my overall feelings on MMOs.  Thanks again to Dave for letting me post here!

Also, I do a thrice weekly webcomic called Eros Inc. which is about a young woman becoming a cupid and finding love for people in Los Angeles.  It’s a comedy.

Okay, no more pimping. From here on out, video games!

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Microsoft Sucks, seriously

So I’m a hardcore Xbox guy. I had a dreamcast, and while its sega, you know the microsoft guys borrowed heavily from them. I had an original xbox, and now I own a 360. But here’s the thing: 360s break. Its a known fact. Even microsoft knows they break. I think almost everyone I know that owns an xbox has had it breakdown for no reason other then they use it a lot. That’s total bullshit, if you ask me, but I stand by my system.

That is, until last week, when my 360 started having color issues. I thought it was the connection with the HDMI, so I turned it off, unplugged the cord, and checked it out. Everything looked normal, so I fired it back up, and lo and behold there was nothing on the tv. I thought, well, my HDMI output must be shot, lets try component. Again, no video, only this time I had sound. Still not good enough to play Fallout though. So I went online and found out that my xbox is no longer under the one year warranty. However, if I had the “red ring of death” it would have been covered. However, since it was broken without those stupid F-ing lights, I had to pay 100 bucks to get it fixed. I thought that was rediculous so I called microsoft, Irate as hell, about getting this taken care of. Now after being on hold for about 45 minutes, and being hung up on twice, I finally got someone on the phone who could help me. After talking to this poor guy and his dumdfounded manager, I ended up getting most of the repair for free. BUT STILL, its absurd because now all these great games are out and I can’t play them. My Fifa club career has been sidelined, I haven’t been in the wasteland for way too long, and I haven’t even bought Gears 2 yet.

So, since this is the rebirth of the bird blahg, I will try to get some hands on with PC games and until then can only report stuff I find on the intrawebs, which, since I need to get some work done, probably won’t be until tomorrow.

Sweet lyphe, phans.

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My apologies, I truly didn’t mean to forget about the Bird Nest. Things are busy-ish at work and I just haven’t felt like writing anything recently. Maybe its the doldrums of summer video game release, and not being a Madden phanboy I couldn’t get that deep behind it. Either way, I can only stumble so much without feeling nostalgic about the Bird Nest (which the Chinese blatantly stole for their 90,000 seat stadium…still waiting for some royalties on that one…) so i figured it’s time for a post or two. Regarding Madden, I respect the game, the people who obsess over it, and what it’s done for sports gaming. I mean, when I can go onto ESPN.com and see every Madden rating it makes me a little happy that ESPN is bearing the Madden torch. What can I say, ESPN is great for what it is, but I never went there first to scope out the newest EA dealios. Granted, the dominance of Madden in pop-culture in regards to Gamers almost rivals World of Warcraft, and I’m not sure I want either one representing the industry. Nature of the beasts, I guess.

Madden aside, I think this Fall is going to have some epic titles to look forward to. The new Tiger Woods (09) looks beautiful in HD, as expected. The gameplay hasn’t changed from 07 as far as I could tell from the demo but there is a more standard three click system (classic timing scheme) for those that are analog stick challenged. Needless to say, its more forgiving then say, the pitching system from MLB2k8 but thats a rant for another day.

I obviously look forward to FIFA 09 and Fallout, as I’ve mentioned countless times. I won’t talk about them now; although I am hoping that FIFA fixes all the niggly issues but leaves the core essentially the same. I want to rescind an earlier statement. That is, that there is nothing to get excited coming out now. Not true. I’ve been vaguely interested in Too Human which was released today. I want to check it out, but will most likely wait until Gamefly catches up with me. See you later Mario Galaxy – I’m still waiting to try Beijing 2008 to satisfy my soft spot for anything that reminds me of the track pad with Nintendo, even if all “athletic” games since then have just been button mashers. Back on topic, Too Human looks fantastic and could be fairly promising. Played as Bauldur, a Norse god in what seems eerily (and awesomely) similar to the PS2-only masterpiece, God of War, take on evil force for the sake of mankind. Cooler still, Too Human is the first of three, so this very well might be the start of something beautiful if it hooks me. At the very least, its something to fill the space between Fifa matches while waiting for Fallout.

Last thing about Fallout, I read a 5 page in depth preview in PC gamer the other day. Wasn’t that mind-altering, but I’ll look for it anyways and try to get it up here for you. They got a chance to do a number of quests and it was an interesting read. Still just a tease though, but the release date is so close I can feel it. Until then…

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Gooooood afternooon,

Not much going on over in The Nest, just wanted a quick post before headin on the bus. Fingers crossed for the gamefly games when I get there. Wanted to throw this out there: Dark Knight: Deal Breaker Basically an interesting article from a business mag mostly about Bruce Wayne, not Batman. An interesting premise and a definate different look at pretty familar characters, I don’t know how much real relevance this has to the film. Minor spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the flick I wouldn’t bother, yet. Did I mention DK was AWESOME? Can we call it DK? I’m going to, try to stop me.

In Gaming related news (whoa, this blog is about gaming?) we have some games coming out this week, but the pickings are slim at best. Looks like the only one worth playing this week is Final Fantasy IV on Nintendo DS, so needless to say, I will probably miss it. Check out Gamespots weekly releases here

Also released on Tuesday are DVDs, and a quick look at JoBlo’s release calendar there really isn’t much to get excited about there either. Oh well. We all know July is slow. I guess I should spend more time at the beach or outdoors…nah. See you all in the A.M.

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Hi buddies and pals and readers and breeders

Hope everyone had a productive and fun monday and is gearing up for another spectaculer Tuesday. Ah who am I kidding its rainy and grey and I have a boat load of work to do so a quick little update to get us all started here this morning. Office Fans will be happy to see this coming through the pipeline. I’m skeptical but nevertheless will add that to the DVR queue, because, well, Hall High Graduate Michael Shur and the rest of the Office team are probably the funniest writing group on television (not including the Black/Showalter combo of the defunct MTV’s the State.)

As you all know, I am huge Fallout fan (preview still pending, trust) and here’s a nice little interview with the creaters of Oblivion.

Thats all for the morning, I have a lot to do today so I’ll try to get you something about lunchtime. Until then…

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Hello there.


My name is Bird, and this is my blog. There are probably 75,000 blogs about video games out there, so why another one? Well frankly, I don’t care if anyone reads this. As a financial analyst with dreams of one day breaking into the industry, this is a personal project of mine to keep tabs on my future. And to kill those long afternoons at work when financial statements just don’t do it for me. So, officially, welcome to the Bird’s Nest, your home for video game news, fun tidbits about movies and music, and mostly, the Bird ramblings that the general public will come to love.


So the real question is…why aren’t you playing a video game right now? There are literally hundreds or thousands of games I’d rather be playing right now then sitting in my cubicle (read: ANY game) but that isn’t the point. Stay tuned, it will be worth your time.


To be Continued…

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