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Having an Xbox has  gotten a little sweeter.  If you have a Gold Account and a Netflix account (any level that allows for unlimited discs) you can watch streaming video on the xbox at no additional charge.  So if you’re paying for both already, this is just an added perk.

It works almost exactly like streaming on your computer does – you pick a movie/tv show, it buffers, you watch.  Easy enough.  The streaming looks fantastic and depending on your internet (and what’s available) you can actually watch your video in HD.  I’ve only watched episodes of 30 Rock in HD and it looks great!

It almost never hiccups and when it does, the xbox automatically degrades the quality a bit in order to allow for future interrupts.  We’ve gone through entire seasons with no problem at all, while some episodes were plagued with multiple restarts.  Fast forwarding/rewinding also forces a rebuffer, but pausing has caused no problem.

Setting it up is easy as pie.  In the interface you choose the Netflix, say you want to connect to your account, it gives you the information on screen that you put into your Netflix account on your computer.  It takes less than five minutes to do and you can start watching instantly!  It also moves television and movies from your “To Rent” queue to your “Watch Instantly” queue.  Pretty nifty.

Adding movies is simply and updated in real time.  If you add “Sgt. Bilko” on your computer, you can watch as it’s instantly added to your queue on xbox.  You cannot add movies in the xbox interface, however, all film and tv choices must be made through your computer.

All in all, I give this a major thumbs up.  My only complaint is that the selection leaves much to be desired, but as more companies become comfortable with allowing this kind of streaming, more films will become available.  The rewinding/fast forwarding feature kinda stinks, but what’s nice is that it remembers your place if you decide to stop watching the film and play a little Gears of War.

It’s really perfect for those Sunday afternoons where you just wanna throw a movie on in the background while you do other stuff around the house.  It’s really nice having that extra library at your fingertips.

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Again, I don’t really have the time to scour and link, but thanks to a friend’s Twitter I came across this post about the future of On Demand videos and Game consoles. Taking a page from the Netflix playbook ReelSeo discusses a recent study by TDG about the VoD chances in next-gen consoles. Interesting read, and thanks again to John for the scoop.

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