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Videos, pictures, reports are flying in. We are heading back down to that city under the sea, Rapture.  Bioshock 2 is coming, so get FUCKING PUMPED.Let’s go over some bullet points about this sequel, shall we?

  1. This takes place several years after the first Bioshock.  Rapture is falling apart before your eyes.
  2. You play as a Big Daddy.  Not just any Mr. B, but the first.  Which means you have access to guns, plasmid powers and that badass drill.  From the footage I’ve seen, this shit is gonna be bloody.
  3. We have a major villain – the Big Sister.  Rumor has it she’s a little sister from the first game, and she’s been stealing little girls from the surface world to turn them into her own twisted little sisters. The scary part about her? She’s fucking fast.
  4. We’re going to be traversing the ocean floor!  With Mr. B’s breathing apparatus, we’ll be able to take short cuts through the city by using the bottom of the Atlantic.
  5. DUEL WIELDING. That’s right ladies and gents, we’re going to be able to shoot guns and use plasmids at the same time.  Why are we going to need this? Well, picture Splicers coming at you in large waves…
  6. If you recall in the first game, we could either Save or Farm ADAM from Little Sisters, and the similar choice is found in this one. But you don’t just save, you can adopt.  You put the little sister onto your shoulder and go about your business, but when you come across a body on the floor, you can have your Little Sister farm the corpse for more ADAM. The downside? Well, when she farms corpses, Splicers tend to want to hurt her. Save her, Mr. Bubbles!

I’m pretty excited about this sequel.  Granted, I haven’t finished the first one (I just got my “shoot bees at people” power) but I plan on finishing it before the second one rears it’s head.  You can find a ton of videos over at Gametrailers.com.

What are your thoughts about this?

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The second I got home last night, I jumped into WoW to check out 3.1.  First of all, despite the ramant explosions of world servers, the game seems to upload faster.  Maybe I’m crazy.

I was given back all my talent points, so I quickly respecced back into Unholy (my main DPS of choice).  I tried out the “preview talents” option that can be found in Interface>Display, which allows you to mess around with talent points before you save them.  I didn’t experiment much further, but it was a neat new addition. I also didn’t have enough cash to purchase duel spec (since I was about 300g short), I jumped onto my bank alt to sell off my glyphs.

Guys, if you’re an inscriptionists, sell off stuff NOW.  I made over 400g in less than 2 hours.  Do this before the weekend while it’s hot!

While my glyphs were making money for me, I was off to test the new Argent Tournament.  I did a few of the daily quests (don’t worry guys, I’ll throw down some guides later on) and they were really fun.  The new mounted combat was really a blast, and getting to know the strategies for it was a nice change of pace.  It felt sort of like a fast of Pokemon; throw down defense? Or move straight to offense?  In any case, I know I’ll be spending most of my time there.  My only complaint is that the reputation isn’t for Argent Crusade (yet), but rather one of two factions that can be found in Dalaran (Silver Covenent for Alliance or Sunreavers for Horde).  Minor complaint, but the quests were pretty fun and quick to do.  I ran all five of them within 20-30 minutes (mostly due to fly time).

No, I didn’t not run Ulduar.  I don’t really think I’ll have a lot of time for that, I don’t like raiding when Shannon’s around because I’ll be so focused on the game for long periods of time.  But I love that they gave us PVE’rs so much to do.  The small changes to the map, icons, stuff like that are all welcome.  Next I plan on messing around with fishing (maybe getting it up past 75).

Later that evening, with 400g in my pocket, I went to buy my second spec.  I am now an Unholy DPS/Frost Tank.  The playstyle of Frost kinda scares me, it’s so foreign!  But the new powers seem cool.  I’ll definitely have to head over to Elitist Jerks to get their take on it.  But the Duel Spec thing is pretty badass – switching over is awesome as a Death Knight because you don’t spend any mana to do so.  So switching from DPS to Tank based on the situation will be a shit load of fun.  I’ll need to go collect some Tank gear from my various reputations in the meantime, along with requisite Gems and such.

So besides the world server going belly-up every once in awhile, 3.1 is a lot of fun.  The cosmetic changes are once again, cool, Argent Tournament will be a lot of fun to continue to run (in the effort to collect new titles, mounts and the like), and I’m seriously hoping I get a chance to at least check out the first boss of Ulduar.

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Well I’ve been 80 for a little over a week now (I think?) and I figured I’d report on what I’ve been up to.  At the moment, a lot of content has opened up to me – I can finally run the high level dungeons and heroics, I can go around anywhere I want, I can get all the top level gear, enchants and gems.

But what I’m really working on is reputation and achievements.

I’ve completely dropped my normal questing duties (hitting up Icecrown has stopped completely at the moment) and I’ve decided to start doing my dailies.  My reasons are three-fold:

1. Gear and items.  Some of the reputations award you with epic quality gear, and lord knows I’m dying for some of that.  They also give you awesome items – revered with the Oracles (one of Sholazar Basin’s factions) can get you a “Mysterious Egg,” which, after seven days, will award you the possiblity of one of four rare pets (great for doing a pet-collecting achievement) or a large epic flying mount, a Green Proto-Drake.  These beasties are pretty badass.  I’m also an Unholy Death Knight spec, so this mount seems awfully perfect for me:

God I want one of these...

God I want one of these...

Check out some of my other reasons under the cut!


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For once, a non WoW entry from me!

I bought a Wii over a year ago.  It was a happy day.  My girlfriend and I scooped it up, one of five remaining consoles, and purchased it with Wii Play and Metroid Prime.  We played the shit out of it for awhile.  I got a few more games for it, all of them fun.

Then I got the Xbox 360.

I won’t lie to you, I mostly bought it for Halo 3.  I adore the game, the story, the online play.  I also knew that every game coming out in the future that I was at all interested in was for the 360, so it was a good purchase in the long run.  And with Netflix, HD-capable games, Rock Band (and it’s DLC), I haven’t been sorry once for the purchase.  Meanwhile, my Wii gathers dust, except when my girlfriend Shannon dusts it off to do a little Wiifit (which she loves).

The Wii should be doing better.  If you’ve played any first person shooters on this thing, it far surpases any sort of controller on the 360.  Metroid Prime 3 was INCREDIBLE.  But for some reason, the Wii has decided to not be a console, but instead a toy.

Wii?  Sit down a minute.  Let’s talk this out.  I have a few ideas to make you a better system.


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I got to play for an hour and a half this morning and landed myself a few more achievements! I figured I’d share them with you and give you some more tasty tips. Delicious!

Killing all those defenseless animals paid off!

Killing all those defenseless animals finally paid off!

As you’ve come to realize, each zone has one extremely important storyline/questline, and Sholazar Basin (Wrath of the Lich King’s followup to Un’goro Crater) is no different. Here we meet up with that wascally hunter Hemet Nesingwary. His quests are similar to the ones you’d see in Stranglethorn Vale and Nagrand, kill these animals, etc etc. Instead of tracking down elites, we have to track down named beasties in fun and interesting ways! After finishing off the main hub, he sends you to Dorian’s Campsite or whatever off to the west. Another quest line to kill a dragon and boom! Quest line finished! It’s pretty fun and you get some sweet gear for it.

Check out some other Sholazar related achievements after the jump.


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