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Well I’ve been 80 for a little over a week now (I think?) and I figured I’d report on what I’ve been up to.  At the moment, a lot of content has opened up to me – I can finally run the high level dungeons and heroics, I can go around anywhere I want, I can get all the top level gear, enchants and gems.

But what I’m really working on is reputation and achievements.

I’ve completely dropped my normal questing duties (hitting up Icecrown has stopped completely at the moment) and I’ve decided to start doing my dailies.  My reasons are three-fold:

1. Gear and items.  Some of the reputations award you with epic quality gear, and lord knows I’m dying for some of that.  They also give you awesome items – revered with the Oracles (one of Sholazar Basin’s factions) can get you a “Mysterious Egg,” which, after seven days, will award you the possiblity of one of four rare pets (great for doing a pet-collecting achievement) or a large epic flying mount, a Green Proto-Drake.  These beasties are pretty badass.  I’m also an Unholy Death Knight spec, so this mount seems awfully perfect for me:

God I want one of these...

God I want one of these...

Check out some of my other reasons under the cut!


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