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Well it’s happened.

I tanked a Heroic Instance.

In fact, I’ve tanked at least five by now.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it, but I wanted to talk about some tips, tricks and strategies I’ve found along the way.

First off, this is my spec.  I really have to go and buy some glyphs, but I was saving my money for my sweet Wyrmrest Accord Red Drake flying mount (which I have now and can only be purchased with Exalted reputation!).  I’m still working towards the Defense cap, which is 540 Defense for a Death Knight. Just some regemming/gear upgrades will fix that.

If you clicked my spec, you’ll see I’m a frost tank, mostly because that seems to be the best AOE tanking choice out there.  I’ve been having a blast learning my new powers and when to use what, and it’s been an interesting experience.  Here is some stuff I”ve learned along the way.


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So after playing some epic battles of Fifa tonight, and with the promise of going back to CT to play more, I have decided to scour (google/youtube) the internet to find you some cool hints for fifa. Well, actually, here’s a video showing you how to do the various celebrations:

Check out a text doc here

Lastly, heres a video with some sweet moves. Check out YouTube for more, as usual.

That’s it for now, 3 cheers for a short day tomorrow and then mmmm…turkey.

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