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I was questing this morning in Storm Peaks (about halfway to 80!) and I came across this really awesome quest that I had to share with you.

Okay, so let me give you the back story leading up to this.  I’m helping out the small Goblin village of K3 (right at the bottom of the Storm Peaks) and one green fellow asks me to check out the mountain village of Sifreldar to find our friend.  I eventually find a Vykrul slave (a large Viking type villian) who asks me to help her out in exchange for the Goblin’s life.  In doing so, I mask myself as an enemy frost vykrul (the villiage is full of these evil female versions) and complete a series of quests to make myself known to the village. 

I end up killing a lot of different Vykrul for sport, I find an injured bear to train and ride around the village, partake in Bear Fighting and, eventually, I’m sent on this quest.  They put me on a giant frost proto-drake and send me soaring up to the skies.  The quest log tells me I have to kill 10 dragonriders, then speak to Thorim (the female Vykrul’s commander) to get further instructions.

This was what the quest ended up like. Keep in mind I’m the one on the left, disguised as one of the female Vykrul. I think you’ll get an idea who I am after awhile.

I’m trying to figure out how to get my UI visible when I record, so next time you can at least see what I was doing. But that was the quest. Now I have to kill Frost Giants. Apparently I’m currently on a huge questline that opens up the Faction the Sons of Hodir. Lots of fun!

I’ll probably share more fun quests with you as I complete them. Hopefully in better quality.

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The VGA awards passed (the what?) and while it seems most were disappointed, we did get something good out of it: first looks!

First off, we’ve got Brutal Legend, because I brought it up earlier:

Personally, I’m so excited for this. Some of the jokes are kinda lame, but overall I love the idea so much. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Next we’ve got God of War 3:

Cool, but I’m personally unimpressed. I think it’s more of a “yes, it’s happening” trailer more than a “look what we’re doing that innovative.” That said, I dug the first one, but I don’t think this’ll make me purchase a PS3 to play it. But that’s just me.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:

I actually dug this. I never played the first one, but it looks interesting. Nice trailer.

And finally, GTAIV’s DLC, The Lost and Damned (great name)

I think I’m one of the few people who actually doesn’t enjoy GTA games. So I’ll obviously be skipping this. And really, do you have to show the names of people who I don’t know about? Saying this character’s name is “Billy” only means something if I know the character. Like, oh snap, Billy’s back. But then you realize his name is “Billy” and they could mean any “Billy” that you’ve ever met, because let’s face it, that name isn’t exactly a rare name to hear.

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Bleep Bloop over at College Humor put the new Rock Band Stage Kit to work! If you recall, this $99 product attaches a fog machine and strobe light to work while you play Rock Band games.

You can check the video here since I’m having trouble embedding it.

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