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EDIT: I’ve throw in some additional tips (COMPLETION NOTES) and I will be checking off the ones I complete, so check back regularly!


December 15th has hit and that can only mean one thing for Warcraft – Winter Veil is here!  Winter Veil is the in-game Christmas event that lets players deck the halls with boughs of holly, and it’s even more fun this year.  With the expansion came the achievement system (similar to XBOX 360’s system), and if you complete all of the Winter Veil achievements, you earn yourself a fun little title ( [Name] the Merrymaker)!  Also, completing all holiday achievements gives you access to this bad boy flying mount:

The Elusive Proto-Drake, in Purple flavor

The Elusive Proto-Drake, in Purple flavor

So you’re probably wondering, what do I have to do to get this achievement?  What’s the best way to do it?  Well, look beyond the cut!


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