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Well it’s happened.

I tanked a Heroic Instance.

In fact, I’ve tanked at least five by now.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it, but I wanted to talk about some tips, tricks and strategies I’ve found along the way.

First off, this is my spec.  I really have to go and buy some glyphs, but I was saving my money for my sweet Wyrmrest Accord Red Drake flying mount (which I have now and can only be purchased with Exalted reputation!).  I’m still working towards the Defense cap, which is 540 Defense for a Death Knight. Just some regemming/gear upgrades will fix that.

If you clicked my spec, you’ll see I’m a frost tank, mostly because that seems to be the best AOE tanking choice out there.  I’ve been having a blast learning my new powers and when to use what, and it’s been an interesting experience.  Here is some stuff I”ve learned along the way.


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The second I got home last night, I jumped into WoW to check out 3.1.  First of all, despite the ramant explosions of world servers, the game seems to upload faster.  Maybe I’m crazy.

I was given back all my talent points, so I quickly respecced back into Unholy (my main DPS of choice).  I tried out the “preview talents” option that can be found in Interface>Display, which allows you to mess around with talent points before you save them.  I didn’t experiment much further, but it was a neat new addition. I also didn’t have enough cash to purchase duel spec (since I was about 300g short), I jumped onto my bank alt to sell off my glyphs.

Guys, if you’re an inscriptionists, sell off stuff NOW.  I made over 400g in less than 2 hours.  Do this before the weekend while it’s hot!

While my glyphs were making money for me, I was off to test the new Argent Tournament.  I did a few of the daily quests (don’t worry guys, I’ll throw down some guides later on) and they were really fun.  The new mounted combat was really a blast, and getting to know the strategies for it was a nice change of pace.  It felt sort of like a fast of Pokemon; throw down defense? Or move straight to offense?  In any case, I know I’ll be spending most of my time there.  My only complaint is that the reputation isn’t for Argent Crusade (yet), but rather one of two factions that can be found in Dalaran (Silver Covenent for Alliance or Sunreavers for Horde).  Minor complaint, but the quests were pretty fun and quick to do.  I ran all five of them within 20-30 minutes (mostly due to fly time).

No, I didn’t not run Ulduar.  I don’t really think I’ll have a lot of time for that, I don’t like raiding when Shannon’s around because I’ll be so focused on the game for long periods of time.  But I love that they gave us PVE’rs so much to do.  The small changes to the map, icons, stuff like that are all welcome.  Next I plan on messing around with fishing (maybe getting it up past 75).

Later that evening, with 400g in my pocket, I went to buy my second spec.  I am now an Unholy DPS/Frost Tank.  The playstyle of Frost kinda scares me, it’s so foreign!  But the new powers seem cool.  I’ll definitely have to head over to Elitist Jerks to get their take on it.  But the Duel Spec thing is pretty badass – switching over is awesome as a Death Knight because you don’t spend any mana to do so.  So switching from DPS to Tank based on the situation will be a shit load of fun.  I’ll need to go collect some Tank gear from my various reputations in the meantime, along with requisite Gems and such.

So besides the world server going belly-up every once in awhile, 3.1 is a lot of fun.  The cosmetic changes are once again, cool, Argent Tournament will be a lot of fun to continue to run (in the effort to collect new titles, mounts and the like), and I’m seriously hoping I get a chance to at least check out the first boss of Ulduar.

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I got a question asking what/where I play in WoW, so I figured I’d just throw up a post in case other people care to jump in game to hit up some quests.  My main is Igorek, a Draenei Death Knight on Cenarion Circle in the guild Northrend Commonwealth.

Here is my armory page, if you are at all curious about my gear/achievements.

3.1 looks like it’s going to be hitting servers this Tuesday (or next Tuesday).  I better get my money together so I can purchase a dual spec.  You’re looking at a future Unholy DPS/Frost Tank Death Knight!  I shall report my findings as I find them.

Feel free to throw down your name/class/race/realm in the comments!

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3.1 is coming extremely quickly, so I figured this might be a great time to talk about all the cool new changes and updates.  This might be one of the biggest patches to hit, giving everyone, hardcore, casual and hasual something new to do.  So let’s get to it.



We’ll hit the raids first, because, well, this is the biggest addition.  The raid of Ulduar is coming in this patch, which brings you 14 all new bosses for both 10 man and 25 man raids. On top of this, 10 of the 14 bosses will have “hard modes” that, when triggered, will give you better loot.

The lore of the zone is quite simple – Ulduar is an undiscovered vault of the Titans (large, powerful beings that shaped Azeroth) and we are going in to investigate.  Upon further investigation, we realize that the Titan vault is not holding vast treasures or superior knowledge, but rather the Old God Yogg-Saron, a ruthlessly evil entity whose vile influence has infected not only those who guard Ulduar, but a fair amount of Northrend (which we, the players, have come into contact with in various zones).  Because Yogg-Saron has broken free, Algalon the Observer is attempting to contact the Titans about his lack of imprisonment, which could cause Azeroth to be destroyed in order to save others.  The quest line has us going after Algalon to stop the transmission, and can only be completed when defeating most of the boss modes in their various hard modes.  Sound pretty badass, right?


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Commenter “Jimbo” asked the following question on my recent 3.1 Death Knight article:

So I have a dilemma…

This is for anyone who is familiar with WoW

I enjoy all genres of games, but any form of RPG really holds a special place in my heart. I’ve never been that interested in WoW, I’ve never even bothered to read up on it. I didn’t get in at the ground level when it first came out, and now the sheer magnitude of it is enough to keep me away…it’s like like trying to pick up a show 6 seasons in and having to go back and watch the previous 5 on DVD, I just don’t have that kind of desire.

The more I read about it here, however, the more appealing it seems. Keeping in mind that I have many other gaming interests to bogart all of my free time, what are the main barriers of entry to a game like this and how valid/difficult to overcome are they?

So you want to start playing the game, but you’re worried about having being behind the curve?  It’s a really fantastic question and I’d be more than happy to answer it for you.


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Patch 3.1 has hit the PTR and Shit has hit the fan ladies and gentlemen.  There is a LOT of new stuff a-comin’.  I…wow.  I don’t even know where to start.  Okay, let’s start with us, fellow Death Knights.  What changes will we be seeing?  I’ll be talking about the major documented changes to the class, followed by undocumented changes, and then finishing us off with a look at the various glyphs.  Savvy?

Death knights not your class?  Check out MMOChampion for more.

First: the documented changes.


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With one Death Knight to 80, I decided to revisit a Horde DK I made on my friend’s server in an attempt to play with him.  He momentarily quit to work on his short film, but since it wrapped, he has expressed interest in jumping back in game.  When I last left my undead DK, he was only level 60, while my friend’s character is in his early 70’s.  Time to grab a guide and get going!  Luckily, after two days of playing I’m midway through 63, so I’m not too worried.

I had originally specced the character as unholy, but I decided to try out the blood spec since I had heard a lot of great stuff about it.  This is my current spec on the Undead character, and this is my unholy Draenei’s spec, just to give you an idea of what I jumped from and to.


What’s great about the blood spec is that the rotation is extremely easy and it provides good results.  Once I have access to more abilities, I think it’ll get even better, but right now it keeps my health at a constant and I’m always overflooded with runic power, which is nice to throw off some extra death coils when I’m down on runes.  My rotation is this:

Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> Heart Strike -> Heart Strike -> Obliterate -> Death Coil (to finish them off if I need to)

Once again, pretty simple.  I specced into blood worms, which is nice for a steady heal while you fight.  The only problem is that the way I specced, I don’t have a quick “get health back” button yet, so I might respec and get Rune Tape and switch out one of the three bloodworms talent.

What I also like is the 51-pt talent, Dancing Rune Weapon, which is your basic Runic Power dump that lets you do double the attacks.  This is my current “OH SHIT” button and it’s great, though there’s a three minute cooldown, which stops me from using it more than I should.  I save it for special occasions, unlike Unholy Blight which has no cooldown.

Also, I have a talent called Sudden Doom which gives me a 20% chance to be able to cast a free critical hit Death Coil.  I need to get an addon that let’s me know when this procs, but it’s a cool ability.


As I mentioned before, your health stays pretty constant if you do the rotation.  The problem is that once I’m thrown out of the rotation and my runes are down, currently I’m screwed.  I haven’t gotten any of my “refresh rune” powers yet, so I’m pretty much tossing out Death Coils until the blood runes appear.  So I miss the massive diversity of the Unholy tree.  I feel far more constrained as of now.  It’s great for leveling – I just move from a bunch of mobs to the next, but with unholy there is far more creativity in the way you play.  I also miss the massive AOE power of Unholy.  Unholy Blight, Desecration, the tree had a lot of AOE fire power.  Blood is pretty good for leveling, but I just miss the toys Unholy has.  Plus, I don’t get a permanent Ghoul, so I barely summon one.

I’m still learning the rotations, so this will probably change, but these were just my initial thoughts.  Both are viable builds and are fun for different people, but I’m glad that I specced Unholy.  Chances are good that when duel speccing comes out, I’ll be building a Blood Tank on that Draenei.

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Big news, WoW fans, big news!  The long anticipated “Duel Specs” are coming in patch 3.1!  Yes, for the first time ever, players will be able to spec their talents for two different specialities, which is perfect for you hybrid classes and/or lovers of pvp!  MMOChampion has a fantastic interview posted over at their site, but I’ll go through the major points here:

  1. All classes will be able to do this, but at the level cap.  Their reasoning is that they don’t want to complicate and burden leveling up for other players.
  2. To set up duel speccing, you will purchase it from a trainer for a one time fee, similar to “Cold Weather Flying.”
  3. To switch between specs you’ll need to be near a Lexicon of Power, which can be found in all major cities.  On top of this, inscribers will be able to actually make a new item that summons one and can be purchasable by non-inscriptionists.  In order to use the item, you and your party will have to summon it (similar to the Warlock’s ritual of summoning). Whether or not the portable Lexicon of Power will be consumable (disappear after use) is not decided.
  4. When you want to respec your talents, you will be respeccing the talents that your character is using at the moment.  If you want to respec your other specialization, you have to switch over.
  5. They will be implementing a gear system called “Gear Manager”!  You can’t save certain gear to certain specs, but you can set up certain “outfits” for certain situations.  So you’d build a tanking outfit, DPS outfit, healer outfit or just an “in town” outfit and switch when the situation calls.
  6. Hunters!  When you switch specs, your pet’s talents will be wiped.  However, there will be no respec costs. They are also building a system so you can summon your pets from their stables without being in a town!  So if you’re jumping from Beastmaster to Survival, you can send your exotic pet to their stable and bring out another beastie!  Nice!
  7. Glyphs will be tied to the talents, so the glyph page will be moving to the talent spec page.
  8. You can save your hotbars!  It will be saved at the same time your glyphs and talents will be saved.
  9. This is another big one – you will be able to mess around with your talents and then save them, instead of making permanant choices up front.  This will let you experiment with ideas and talents before saving the choice.  No more costly respecs to fix that nasty mistake!
  10. The possibility of future specs added in the future.

If you want to test this stuff out, the PTR is coming up soon!  Personally, I’m pretty excited, I kind of want to test out blood and frost and this looks like the best way to do it without screwing up my unholy spec.

Your thoughts?

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Hey guys!  As of 6am, Love is in the Air has gone live and I spent two hours this morning messing around with it.  Here are some tips for you.

  • For Nation of Adoration, you need “Gifts of Adoration” from all three cities.   You must talk to CITIZENS to get this once your “adored” buff is up, not guards.  I didn’t realize this.
  • When you’re trying to get smashed and throw rose petals on Sraaz/Jeremiah Payson, you have to /kiss THEN throw Rose petals once you’re completely smashed.  That specific order.  Also, this is the easiest one to take care of immediately, so you might as well get it out of the way.
  • There are more female NPCs than male NPCS in Darnassus, so I’d throw on Cologne then.
  • In Ironforge, there are more Male than female NPCS.  Toss on some cologne.
  • Stormwind is pretty split, so you can jump back and forth
  • The first five parts of the major Love is in the Air quest takes place in Stormwind, so that’s where you’ll be able to find the most people who need Mended hearts.  On the other side, Darnassas and Ironforge were somewhat empty, the former far more than the latter.
  • Also with people who need their hearts “mended” – you’ll be able to see the debuff when you click on them.
  • Personally, I’ve been hanging out in every city and making stacks of “Gifts Collections” to hand off when I need a certain item.  I’m probably going to hold onto these until Sunday when I realize what I’m missing.
  • This holiday is seriously confusing.

Good luck guys!  More tips when I have them.

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I’m not much of a PvP person.  My mind is just never really in the game.  And yet, this is my schedule when I log on during weekends:

  • Log in
  • See when next Wintergrasp battle takes place
  • Pick up Wintergrasp daily quests
  • Fight in Wintergrasp (and hopefully win)
  • If Win, hit up Heroic Dungeon IMMEDIATELY

Suffice to say, I’ve been somewhat addicted to the PvP-only zone.  And you should be too!  Let’s talk about some ways doing Wintergrasp once in awhile is worth your time and effort.


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